Eternally Yours · Generation 3

Chapter 3.68

Winter finally hit and dumped buckets upon buckets of snow on us.

Luckily it didn’t stick around for too long.  Otherwise I would have lost my freaking mind.  Three months was too long as it was.

During the winter, Tiberius’s owner decided to sell him.  I’d grown so attached that I threw down $3000 to being him home with me.  However, I had nowhere to put a horse.  I quickly put together something that resembled a stable in my backyard but there was no place for him to run.  A new house would be in order.

I also started classes at the local college.  I was taking classes for my business degree but found myself doubling up on culinary classes as well.  I was set to graduate with TWO degrees in a year.  That would be useful since I anticipate a higher house payment really, really soon.

Things were going pretty well.

I sure hope my realtor can find a house with a room for Muppet’s treasures.  I mean, look at how proud she is of that…thing.  I’m not tossing it for anything.

My realor was able to find a house that met most of my criteria.

It was cheap, had two bedrooms plus a spare for an office (or a Muppet Museum), and it had a stable out back.  It was cheap because it had a stupid layout and was entirely blue inside and some of the brickwork needed to be redone but beggars can’t be choosers.  I put the down payment on the house and my offer was accepted.

Naturally, it snowed…big time…the night before I was set to move.

Did I mention it was right next to the dog park?  That was pretty much the only way I could convince Muppet to move.  She might not be an old dog but she is set in her ways.

I started packing up my few possessions.  I chose to leave the furniture behind because…well, look at it.  I figured I could get some new stuff from the consignment shop anyway.

I was pretty sore from the packing but eager to get this show on the road.

A get on the road we did.

The stables let me board Tiberius until the snow had melted but once I was sure it was really spring I collected my new friend and brought him home to stay.  I was toying with the idea of becoming a horseman permanently but first I needed to finish school.

The inside still needed some help but Dad, Adam, Mike, and Grandpa Vic all offered to help get the place up to snuff.

Muppet was thrilled with her new digs…I didn’t even have to take her to the dog park.

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