Eternally Yours · Generation 3

Chapter 3.66

Being single isn’t all I thought it was going to be.

Sure, I do less laundry but life is pretty…boring.  Not that I’m thinking about getting into a relationship again.  I mean, I do have things to keep me busy these days.

My car is coming along well.  I picked up this old piece of junk when I moved here.  I got the whole thing for $200.  I’m pretty sure I can turn it into a kick ass classic by spring depending on how long the weather holds out.

I’ve also got Tiberius.  All my studying has paid off, too.  They let me jump him now.

This is still not my favorite thing to do.

But his owners let me take him to a beginner racing competition and I won $800!  We’re a good team.  Who needs a man when you have a horse?  Nevermind…that came out wrong.

I still work nights at the bar.

Since I’ve been here a couple months I’ve gotten to know the regulars.  Most of them are little old men or young ranch hands.  A couple ladies here and there.

Not much happens here.  We’ve never even had a good bar fight.  We did have a lame bar fight once but the guys weren’t quite drunk enough to really have it out so they just sat at opposite ends of the bar and insulted each other.

One night, I was talking to my favorite patron, Jenna McNamara, when we got on the topic of kids.

“You have any kids, Penny?”

How do I answer that?  “No, unfortunately not.”

“Ah, my son is just a couple months old.  Now don’t think I’m coming here to get drunk or anything.”

“How could I think that when I always give you water…or on your crazy nights…Sprite.”

“I just need a little adult interaction!  My husband is gone all day at work and when he comes home I hand the kiddo to him and head over here.  OH!  There’s my brother-in-law.  You should meet him.  FINLEY!  Get over here and buy me another Sprite!”

“A Sprite for the lady, barkeep, and I’ll have a rum and Coke, please.”

“Holy mother!  He’s your brother-in-law!?  I can’t imagine what your husband looks like if he’s the one you passed up.”

“He’s a doctor, too, in case you were wondering.  Did I mention he’s single?  Go over and play darts with him.  I’ll hold down the bar.”

Why do all my dates start with darts?  Also what is it with sisters setting me up with brothers?

It was all too familiar and raw for me so I decided to head home for the evening.

I quickly forgot about my close-encounter at the bar because I had bigger fish to fry.

Christmas was around the corner and the family was coming to visit. While they were in town mom and dad were going to go house hunting with Adam and Hannah.  Somehow my brother and his wife had managed to have one baby and a second on the way in the 10 months I’d been away.

I upended my house in hopes that the family would think I was sane.  I got calls from Liv and Hannah at least once a day “just checking in” of course.  I’m sure they were making sure I hadn’t gone off the deep end with the news I got last year.

No, I didn’t go crazy.  I just decided to fill my empty womb with egg gems.  That was a joke.  My womb is fine just the way it is.  Honestly, Muppet has filled my empty heart more than I thought any animal could.

Not only did she fill my heart but she is also filling my home.  She spends her days hunting things in the backyard.  She brought this home today and I didn’t have the heart to tell her I have no idea what I’m going to do with it.  Obviously, I can’t just throw it out or sell it because she’d notice and it would break her heart, but what am I supposed to do with a dinosaur skeleton?!

I made Muppet some gourmet beef dog food as a reward and thought about what to do with her.  She’s brought home a Neanderthal skeleton, two stone fire hydrants, and a diamond dog.  She needs another hobby…or a friend.

I called the local vet to see if they knew of any puppies up for adoption.  Just my luck, a litter of puppies was dropped off at the clinic yesterday.  I could stop by and meet the little ones later today.

So now all I can do is wait to meet the new member of the family.

Oh and clean toilets.  I can always clean toilets.

6 thoughts on “Chapter 3.66

  1. I don’t think I would be handling the world as well as Penny is after waking up from a comma as she did. Bravo Penny! I like the dinosaur skeleton!

    1. Muppet has a Level 10 hunting skill and she can “sniff out collectibles.” Occasionally she brings back a piece of something and when she finds 3 pieces of it she can put it together…like she did this skeleton! It’s super fun actually!

  2. “Who needs a man when you have a horse?” LMAO! That sounds all kinds of wrong. Hey, Finley could be boyfriend material if he doesn’t keep triggering sad memories.

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