Chapter 3.64

We rejoin Penny two months after her horrific accident. She made some changes for better or worse.

Oh, hello again.  I see you found me.

I have a habit of running from my problems and this time is no different.

Well, welcome to Eden Grove, a tiny mountain town that is more rural than city and is literally an ocean away from Starlight Shores.  I sold my house and everything in it.  With the money, I bought this place.  I brought only my camera with me and I may not have told my family I was leaving.  I’m sure they’ll figure it out.

The house is a wee bit dated.  It also cost me every dollar to my name.  I’ve been broke before and I’ll do it again.

I do have this sweet little gal to keep me company.  Her name is Muppet.  The pound said she’s been with them for years because she’s not very friendly.  They were amazed when she took right too me, almost as if she was waiting for me.

She hasn’t left my side since I bought her home.  For that I am grateful because I’ve been pretty lonely since I came out of my coma.  My family can’t possibly understand.  I’m not even close to wanting to meet new people.  With Muppet I can just be me and we’re good.

Of course, at 5am she could leave my side and I wouldn’t complain too much.

Things aren’t really too bad I guess.

Money is really becoming an issue though.  I’ve been in town for two months and all I’ve eaten is bread and jam and ramen noodles.

I’ve foraged all I can from the local parks and farm co-ops but winter is fast approaching.  Spooky Day is only two days away.

I’ve donated as much plasma as I’m allowed.  I was told even a vampire wouldn’t come near me.

Also, you can only spend so much time alone in a movie theater before you gain a reputation as being the weird new girl.  Eden Grove isn’t that big.  I know people have started to notice me.

Being noticed is the last thing I want.  I need a plan.