Eternally Yours · Generation 3

Chapter 3.59

Christmas was upon us before we knew it.

I had been hoarding gifts in the basement for months though so I really was ready for Christmas.  I wanted my space back!

I mean, really.  I went a little batshit crazy with the gifts even though I wasn’t planning on it.

I even got the new PlayStation 4.  Are we really going to have time to play with that in a few months?  No.

Christmas also meant the annual party was upon me as well.  I got to baking.

I wasn’t sure if three plates of cookies would cover us.  This family has a cookie problem.

Eventually the gift pile threatened to take over the living room so it was time for the fun.

“HEY YOU GUYS!  Get your behinds in here and grab some loot!”

It was amazing having so many people in one space again.  Luckily there are in-laws now so I don’t feel super bad about not inviting everyone.

Granny and Gramps are still totally in love after 45 years.  They are adorbz.

“Come on, Bro.  DANCE WITH ME!”

“Dude, Mike.  Just…no.  You haven’t had enough to drink to be proud of those moves.”

Eventually the girls wandered downstairs with Vi and Callie to play games.  Dad went down to join them but gave up quickly.

Mike and Peter took on the Poker Bot and both lost an embarrassing amount of money to a robot.

“You know what this family needs?”  My mother asked before the night was out.

“WHAT GRAMS, WHAT?!”  The girls were insanely excited.

“A puppy!”

And so now on top of three children and two impending babies we now have a dog.  Joy.

2 thoughts on “Chapter 3.59

  1. awwww… the kids need a dog! And he is cute, too. Can’t wait for the new bambinos. Glad to see you have time to write again! ♥

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