Eternally Yours · Generation 3

Chapter 3.57

After dealing with the flu for two weeks I had had enough.  I was moping in Peter’s office one morning while he continued writing his masterpiece.

“Hey, P?”

“What?  Can’t you see I’m trying to nap?”

“Yeah.  I got that.  I was just going to ask you when you were supposed to get your period.”

“SHIT.  I wasn’t even thinking that.  SHIT!”

I ran out to the kitchen to the calendar.

“AHA!  I knew it.  It’s was due yesterday.  It’s too soon to make any assumptions.  It’ll come.  I’m not pregnant.”

“I dunno, Penn.  You’re NEVER late.  I’ve known you for five years and it’s like clockwork.”

“It will be here tomorrow.”  I was sure of it.  I did not feel pregnant.  I know my body.

“Ok.  I’ll make a bet with you.  If you are pregnant, you have to make me a key lime pie.  It’s my favorite.”

“Ok, smart guy.  And when the test comes back negative, you have to make me cupcakes.”

“Make sure you put the whipped cream in the middle of the pie like I like.”

“Because you know my body so well, smartass, you now have to make me cupcakes AND get me some fancy champagne to go with them.’

“Whipped cream, P.  Right in the middle.”

I made the appointment for the next morning and then I went to the store to buy the stuff for cupcakes.

When I got home we headed for the Winter Festival.  It was a snow day so we figured we should enjoy it.

Kylie is a snow bunny and she loves the cold.

“Ew!  Don’t Kylie!  You might be eating recycled yellow snow!”  Harper is a beach bunny.  This was not her cup of tea.

Kylie did talk her into making a snow man though.  Somehow they managed one bigger than themselves.

I made snow angels while Peter took Simon to the playground.

It was only when he was outside that I realized just how pale Simon really is.  We could have lost him.

Peter and I then made our own snowman.

“That’s a little dark, ain’t it, Pete?”

“He’s not dark.  He’s different.  Don’t hurt his feelings!”  I married a weirdo.

Penny and Kylie started a snowball fight but that was too easy.

We turned it into an all out family snowball brawl.

And it ended up being girls vs. Peter.  He lost.

We all got together and built an igloo.

Then it was time to warm up a little.  Harper also pooled everyone’s tickets and bought three snowbears for Christmas gifts.

We finished the night on the ice rink before heading home for dinner.

Peter and the girls order pizza while I made baby food for Simon.

It was a nice way to relax and unwind before the big Christmas party in a few days.

The next morning was the big day.

I headed off to the hospital for my pregnancy test.

Peter went off to the toy store to get gifts for the kids, nieces, and nephews.

“Here’s your key lime pie.”

“Thanks, honey.  Just set it on the desk.  I get to it in a minute.”  Peter is dead to the world once he gets writing.  I went to sit in the kitchen and it wasn’t long before it hit him.

“You’re pregnant?!  Baby, that’s wonderful!  When are we due?”

“I’m due in June.  We can go in the spring to find out the sex.”

“Oh honey, that’s great!”

“I think we should tell everyone at the party this weekend.”

“I think we should tell them that I was right and you were wrong.  I have this pie to prove it.”

“First, we should tell them that you are pregnant.  Then we should tell them that I was right.”

“Peter, you’re a smart ass.”

“Better than being a dumb ass, Penny.”

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