Eternally Yours · Generation 3

Chapter 3.55

The Christmas season was rapidly approaching.

Peter was hard at work on his next masterpiece so that we could afford Christmas gifts for our brood.

I was not feeling this whole holiday thing this year.  But I had good reason.

For one, it was 60 degrees outside.  Harper was still out picking flowers well into December.  Who wants to decorate for Christmas with that kind of weather?

Also, the kids had toys out the ass.  Seriously.  I spent more time picking up toys than the kids did playing with them.  I just didn’t want to buy more toys.  In short, I’m Scrooge.

Instead of buying toys, we did room makeovers.  The girls would be teens before too long and Simon was fast approaching childhood.  Harper went with a green theme.

Kylie stayed girly but chose a blue theme.

Simon had no choice in the matter but he was quite excited about his owls.

Even I got a room makeover.  Peter had the kitchen redone so that I had more room for my bakeware.

The upstairs office got smaller which left room for…

…the master bathroom to get bigger!

Oh yes.  Best Christmas ever.

Finally I mustered the courage to decorate for the holidays.  Maybe it was the new bathroom sanctuary that got my spirits up?

Whatever it was I was FINALLY excited about something.

No room was left unnoticed.  Even the girls had trees in their rooms.

Of course, with some many kids the Christmas card photo was a circus.  I forgot to coordinate everyone’s outfit and then nobody was looking at the camera at the same time.  So we got this.

“Oh look, P.  Mistletoe!”

“Who the hell put that there?  Peter?!”

“Lay one on me, sexy lady!”

“Will you two knock it off?  Jeez.  Like a couple of teenagers.”  Because it wasn’t obvious enough that Harper was mine, her sarcasm is the icing on the cake.

One morning, it started to snow just before lunch.  Everything looked like it needed a good vacuuming but I didn’t think anything would come of it.

Until we nearly lost the dog that night.  The girls were convinced that a snow day was just around the corner and refused to go to bed.  I was optimistic about school and made them go to sleep regardless.

Mom is always right.

8 thoughts on “Chapter 3.55

  1. love it! I can commiserate about feeling “un-Christmasy” in 60 degree weather, and the ending was utterly correct – mother is alway right! haha I hope your flight went well, once you finally got on the plane. Have a good day! :~)

    1. Haha I heard that so many times during my week at my parents’ house! The flight was good once I got on. We had blizzard conditions here at home though so that was…fun?

  2. You’re right — those kids DO have toys out the ass. Great job on the room makeovers. I’d like a master bath like that!

    It always cracks me up when small pets go outside in the snow and practically disappear. Love the tunnel they make when the snow’s over their heads. 🙂

  3. Everything looks wonderful! I especially love the blue room! I used to have a white dog too and the same thing happened to us. But he had a few faint black spots that helped a lot.

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