Eternally Yours

Welcome to the *NEW* Eternally Yours


Ok, well it’s not so new.  It did get a shiny, new makeover for the new year though!

Since Eternally Yours is fast approaching the end of it’s second year (I KNOW!!!) I thought it was time for a change.

You might be thinking, “What’s so new about this?”  Well, imma tell you.


  • New colors!
  • New header!
  • The sidebar moved!
  • New pages and menu buttons!


  • It’s also been stripped of excess junk.
  • I added a Table of Contents menu at the top.
  • THE HEIRESS PHOTOS HAVE BEEN UPDATED (What took me so long?!)
  • Stats, recent posts, and follow buttons have moved to the bottom.


  • The table of contents is one menu with all three generations.  The individual contents are now on the side bar.
  • An heirs/spouses page has been added.  This page provides photos and background information of the heir as they were then they took over the family.
  • The family tree page now has 90 family members on it.
  • The Rules page gives my criteria for picking an heir and playing their story.


  • About me…because you know you wanna creep.
  • I included a page linking to my other legacies.  If you ever wanted to know where Xander Sutton came from…look there.
  • My creations blog is now linked.  Be warned.  I haven’t updated since Penny was a toddler.
  • Buttons that take you to my other social media accounts.

2015 is going to be HUGE, people.  Get ready.

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