Eternally Yours · Generation 3

Chapter 3.52

We were approved for the adoption and just before summer ended our little bundle showed up at the door.

I wasn’t quite sure how a toddler could fit in such a small basket but either way I knew I would love the child that came out of it.

Simon Alexander Pagano was perfect…not to mention adorable!  I was in love immediately.

“So this is my son, eh?  He’ll do.”  I was worried about Peter’s reaction.  I knew he wasn’t quite sure what to do with a vampire but there were two of us in that boat.  He was also in the middle of a revision for his newest novel and that always makes him a bit of a pill.  I hoped he would come around in time.

The girls, however, were immediately enamored by their little brother.  They took to teaching him all kinds of things right away.  His favorite new trick was “NO!”  Obviously this was my least favorite of his new skills.

As expected, once his revisions were over and the book was on its way to becoming a bestseller Peter got to know his son a little better.  They were fast friends and Peter was more than pleased about the balance of hormones in the house (it is equal now if you count the dog).

Everyone was a wee bit freaked out by the vampire habits that are inherent in Simon.  We weren’t quite sure what to do when he started biting the neck of his dolls.  So we all just smiled and nodded and hoped for the best with that one.

Captain Marbles is pretty pleased with his new friend, too.  Simon was a little unsure at first but once Captain gave Simon a kiss it was love at first lick.

Except, of course, when Captain comes in from the pool and shakes water all over everyone.  Simon is not a fan but then again neither am I.

For the first couple of weeks we only fed the kid bottles.  I wasn’t sure what you feed a vampire toddler so I had some reading to do.  He didn’t seem too concerned with his lack of real food though.

And he seems to be a bit of a musical prodigy.  He was beating tunes on that drum that I’ve heard Granny Liddy play recently.  He’ll soon got bored with his xylophone I’m sure so I’m going to need to find a replacement before long.

Simon hasn’t quite gotten the hang of talking yet but he knows enough to tell me what recipes I need to learn.  We were sitting in the living room one night while I was reading and he surprised me.

“AKE!  AKE!”

“Honey, does your tummy hurt?”


“What the heck is a cuppy ake?”

Harper was in the kitchen working on homework and she heard our conversation.  “He wants cupcakes, Mom.  Get it together!”

Yes, she is my daughter in case anyone was wondering.

Anyway, Peter and I are pretty much over the moon at this point.  Obviously, we have a lot to learn about this whole vampire business but I’m sure we’ll work it out in time.  We always do.

7 thoughts on “Chapter 3.52

  1. Simon’s a cutie! I love when toddlers get to the “no” stage in real life. I still remember one of my nieces saying “no,” while she was nodding her head and putting her hands out, like, gimme that. LOL.

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