Eternally Yours · Generation 3

Chapter 3.51

One afternoon shortly after the wedding, the girls were visiting Uncle Adam and Auntie Hannah, while Peter and I sat watching TV.  Well, Pete was watching, I was plotting.

“Peter.  I think it’s time we added to our family.”

“Huh?  Yeah ok.”

“Really?!  You know I’m talking about a baby right?”

“Shhh, chatty monkey.  The Llamas are trying to win the game.”

“TOUCHDOWN!  YES!  What were you saying, P?

“About adding to the family…”

“YES!  The girls would love a dog!  Brilliant idea, babe!”


But we rolled with the dog idea anyway.  Pete and I decided to adopt an older dog since they get passed over for the cuter puppies.  Peter picked out a sweet little guy named Captain Marbles and the shelter said they would send him over tomorrow.

In the meantime we prepared to talk to the girls about my earlier idea.  We had a family movie night to announce the news.

“Girls, your father and I have decided to adopt a baby but before we meet with the social worker we wanted to know how you feel about that?”

“Also, we’re getting a dog.”  Pete exclaimed.  “You don’t have a say in that but tell us how you feel about the baby.”

“Personally, I like the baby better than the dog!”  Kylie was thrilled to have a younger playmate.

“What about you, Harper?”  I asked earnestly.  She’s always grown up with other children in the house but I didn’t know how she’d deal with this.

“I dunno, mom.  Maybe.”

“As long as the baby and the dog aren’t smelly at the same time…it’s probably ok.”

The girls continued to enjoy the summer.  They’d be going back to school soon so they were milking every second they could in the pool.

Our little athlete Kylie taught our little mathlete Harper how to dive off the diving board.  While they were busy playing Peter and I got a delivery.

Captain Marbles showed up ready for action.  We didn’t want the kids to overwhelm him right away.

However, our rules didn’t seem to stop Kylie from running right up to him with snacks and pets.  He took it like a champ so I think we’ll all be just fine.

Peter immediately took to teaching the poor dog every trick in the book.  Whoever said you can’t teach an old dog new tricks was full of something because this dog is brilliant.

He’s also a bit of a ham.  He quite likes being ferocious with his toys.  He kinda just comes off a little dopey though.

I think he’s going to fit in just fine with our crazy crew.  The hard part would be finding a baby that would fit just as well.

That part started a week later when the Social Worker came over to discuss our thoughts about children and adoption.  Things seemed to be going well until we got to the part about placement.

Well, we do have one boy we haven’t been able to place.  His name is Simon.  He’s 3.”  The social worker was fidgeting as she told us about the boy.

“Is he difficult or something?”  I asked anxiously.

“He’s something alright.  He’s only a toddler so it’s difficult to say at this point.”  Her nervous energy continued.

“Say WHAT?  Just tell us!”  Pete burst from his usual calm demeanor and seemed to turn into a bear.

“WE THINK HE’S A VAMPIRE!”  She exclaimed and then sat there with a shocked look on her face as id she had never verbalized this idea until our living room.

“A vampire?”  Pete seemed just as shocked as the social worker.

“He’s not demonstrating any powers yet.  But…when we took him to the playground…well, he caught fire.  Spontaneously combusted really.”

“So he’s horribly scarred!?  Maybe that’s why people have a problem with him?”  I asked almost hopefully.

“Just the opposite Mrs. Pagano.  He was completely healed within hours.”

“Why are you telling us all this?”  Peter was in utter shock that he was even considering adopting a vampire child.

“Why are you telling us all this?”  Peter was in utter shock that he was even considering adopting a vampire child.

“Honestly?  Considering Mrs. Pagano’s family background–”

“You figured since I’m a witch, my father is a genie, and my grandparents are a fairy and a ghost that we’d be interested in raising a vampire?”  I asked more harshly than I meant it.

“Well, no.  I mean, yes.  I don’t know what the agency was thinking!”

“They were right.  Please have the papers drawn up.  Peter and I would love to have this little boy join our family.”

“He will be so excited to meet you.  He’s been looking for a home his entire life!”

And so Peter and I had three weeks to prepare for a vampire toddler to enter our lives.

10 thoughts on “Chapter 3.51

  1. I love the idea of a vampire baby!! That seems to be right in line with this family full of supernaturals! Now let’s see….a werewolf baby next??? :~)

  2. Sweet! A vampire toddler. That’ll be fun. I haven’t had any in my baby challenge yet, but Jill has a couple of vamps sniffin’ after her. Should happen pretty soon. LOL.

    1. Oh he’s a cutie! I’ve been playing him for several days now. He’ll make his big debut tomorrow (now that I have time to write…love Christmas but it is CRAZY)!

  3. I managed to get caught up today. Wow! Olivia is alive! and her hubby too, wow! And twins for “bug” wow LOL. And it’s kind of weird that Penny’s parents will die before her grandparents, ahh supes lol

    1. I’m glad you are back! I hope things are calming down for you IRL. I know how things can get with medical issues and bills.

      Yeah things got kinda cray cray over here. I have no idea what I was thinking.

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