Eternally Yours


16 days until the end of the semester.  Then ya’ll get a month of SweetPoyzin.  I have nothing better to do but play and write.  Get ready.  It’s gonna be a good month.  I have so much planned.  Until then…some bloopers.

Some of these are warm fuzzy moments and some of these are just plain silly.

REALLY, PETER!?  This is like the third picture I have of him homing in on Penny’s boobs.

When I can’t fine Pete in the house I always check the sandbox.


Favorite grad pic from Katie’s big day.

It’s cool.  Just a freezer bunny watching TV.

That seems like an acceptable work outfit for a chef.  Good call.

It followed us to the new house…

Super old pic of Dylan and Harper hanging out in the treehouse.  Still cute though.

Yep.  Nope.

Katie right after the twins were born.

Oh mah puppies!

You don’t have a pimp come over to clean your house?  No?  Just me then…

Liv is all “Dude…it’s just your wedding.  Get it together.”

Let’s not even talk about random baseball cap boy.

I tabbed out to this.  Adam’s looking like “Giggidy”

There is so much here LOL.

“What is this whippersnapper going on about?”

It’s not a party until great-grandma Liddy whips out her drum set.

7 thoughts on “Bloopers

  1. Hi Sweetpea! Thanks for the funnies and bloopers. I’m glad you have a much earned break coming up! Now, if they can just fix our pages…. I am not holding my breath at this point! I look forward for more of your story…hugs! :~)

  2. Um, yeah … Peter definitely has a one-track mind in that first pic.

    LOL. Penny’s fashion sense is really … um, unique. That outfit could work for any number of occasions, I’m sure.

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