Eternally Yours · Generation 3

Chapter 3.49

Exactly one week before the wedding my grandmother, mother, Hannah, Linzy, and Katie all showed up at my house.  At 7 o’clock in the morning.

Grandma Liddy was even wearing her work clothes which is never a good sign.  In fact, that’s the worst, most mischievous sign ever.

“Hey, Aunt Penny!  Can we borrow your basement for like…eight hours today?”

“You wanna tell me why?”

“Not really.”

“OH!  Of course, Katie.  I’ll just let you all in my basement unsupervised for 8 hours.  Especially since you won’t tell me why.”

“SUPER!  I’ll let everyone know.”

“NO!  Of course you cannot use my basement!  Good Lord!  Do you think I’m crazy!?”

“UNCLE PETER!  Tell your wife to let us use your basement!”

“KATIE!  You can’t make Peter force me to let you use my basement!”

“Oh how much damage can they do, Penn.  It’s just your family.”

“That’s what I’m worried about, Peter!”

“Come on.  Katie is plenty responsible.  Let’s go to the Spring Festival for a few hours.  Just you and me.”


I had to admit that I was excited about a date with just Peter and I.  We really hadn’t gotten any alone time since the move.

We acted like little kids at the festival.  We had a competition to see who could find the most eggs.  I found fewer eggs but I named myself winner when I found the special festival egg.  Peter wanted to dispute that but then I reminded him who controlled the boobs in the relationship and he conceded defeat.

We ran over to the Love Tester and got proof positive that we should be together.  It labeled us Hot Soulmates!  As if there was ever any doubt.  With Xander I was scared to death to walk down that aisle but with Peter that day can’t come soon enough.

We finished our date off with a trip around the skating rink and then some snow cones.  Reluctantly we headed home around 7pm.  The house was empty.

Peter and I were watching a movie before bed when I lost it.

“Penny, baby!  What’s wrong?”

“I’m going insane, Peter!  I keep hearing this awful piano music!  It’s not awful.  It’s perfect.  Liv used to play it when we were younger.”

I plopped down on the couch next to Peter.  “I miss her so freaking much.  Her children turned out to be so amazing.  She’s missing that.  She’s missing the lives of our children and her grandchildren.  I’m getting married and she’s going to miss that.  In just 3 years I’m going to be 40 and she’s not going to be there to have a midlife crisis with me!”

I sobbed uncontrollably while Peter murmured soothing words.  Finally, he got up to leave.

“Where are you going?  I need you right now!”

“I gotta get something.  One sec, darlin’.”

After 15 minutes he returned.

“Hey, Penny.”  The sugary-sweet voice of my twin floated through my fog and tears.

“JESUS FUCKING CHRIST!  YOU’RE NOT DEAD!”  Not exactly what I imagined telling my sister if I ever saw her again but that’s what came out.

“Aw, I love you too, Penny!”

“Shut up.  Of course I love you!”

“How are you here!”  I jumped up and ran over to my long-dead twin.

“My daughter — whom is amazing by the way.  Great job with that one!  Katie wanted to repay you everything you did.  Well, she wasn’t entirely selfless.  She also wanted me to meet my granddaughters.  Kudos for getting her through that, Penn.  Pretty sure I would have killed her.  They’re great girls although I wasn’t expecting to be a grandmother at my age.  Actually, I wasn’t expecting anything.  I was dead!”

“So that’s why everyone needed my basement.”

“Apparently, it takes two witches and a fairy to raise someone from the dead.  Who knew!?”

“What about Mike?  Will you be my maid-of-honor next week?  What’s it like to be dead?  Have you seen Dylan?  Does Dad know?  Oh I have so much to tell you!”

“Mike is alive, too.  Yes, I will be your maid-of-honor.  I promise I will stick around long enough for you to fill me in on everything!  I have quite a lot to tell you, too.  Right now though I have to run.  Adam doesn’t know yet either so Hannah has invited me to dinner to surprise him.  I like her.  She has spunk.  Also, did you know Adam has TWO kids!  Jesus!”

“Yeah, I might have been aware.  Go scare the crap out of him!”


I sat in stunned silence for an hour or so before I passed out from exhaustion.  I never expected to see my sister again and yet here she was.  After years of taking care of everyone the tables were suddenly turned and I had no idea what to do with it.

6 thoughts on “Chapter 3.49

  1. OMG. You made me LOL with the “who controls the boobs” line! (And clearly I wrote that before reading the rest of the chapter.)

    Liv’s back!?! Holy moley! I guess it was a good idea to let them use the basement after all. I love how Penny question-bombed Liv. That last photo says it all. Team Hanks for the win!

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