Eternally Yours · Generation 3

Chapter 3.48

I ended up taking a part-time job as a chef to earn some extra cash for the wedding.

Unfortunately the hours had me up until 11pm during the week so I found myself sleeping in a lot.

Lucky for me the girls were great about getting themselves up and ready for school.

After a few weeks of the house falling into a sad state, called for a maid to come clean every day.

I’d like to say I was secure enough in my relationship that she didn’t bother me.  I’d like to say that but I totally can’t.  I would have preferred Linzy.

Instead I kept an eye on Peter when she was in the house.  He spent most of his days writing anyway so he couldn’t get into a ton of trouble.

Since I was gone during dinner time and asleep for breakfast I decided to can most of the goodies from the garden.

I moved a rack of spreads, jams, and tomato sauces into the kitchen for easy access.

But pizza still seemed to be the food staple for Peter and the kids.

In my limited free time I’d also been trying to spend more time with Harper.  I knew she wouldn’t think I was going to abandon her but with the wedding approaching I thought we needed some time alone.

She might be able to wind me in tag but I still can whoop some ass in chess.

She was quite the angel for me.

Pete on the other hand wasn’t having that kind of luck…

2 thoughts on “Chapter 3.48

  1. I’m with you. I wouldn’t want a maid that looks like that anywhere near my husband, not that I don’t trust him implicitly. On the other hand, that’s a helluva big house to clean. Ugh.

    Penny’s certainly been a busy bee canning all that food. I haven’t tried the canning station yet. Is it fun?

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