Eternally Yours · Generation 3

Chapter 3.47

The wedding was right around the corner and things were really getting kicking in our house.

I was busy with my garden.  A little too busy in fact.  It was taking me six hours to get everything in order.  So Peter bought me a little garden helper.

I named him Peanut Butter.  After upgrading the sprinkler to auto-water the plants and with Peanut Butter to harvest them, my weeding took only an hour.  Which left time for other exciting family adventures.

One Saturday just before school let out for summer the family decided we needed an early break.  I woke up and made a cinnamon roll breakfast.  Then everyone went off to change.

We all piled in the car and headed to the Spring Festival across town.

The girls got their faces painted and then went off to collect festival eggs.

Kylie also learned she was exceptionally good at horseshoes and she beat every family member one-by-one.

Then Peter decided to teach the girls how to skate.  It came naturally to athletic Kylie…

Harper on the other hand is decidedly NOT athletic.  She eschews any and all sporting activities but Peter was set on a bonding moment with his daughters.

While Harper figured out how not to fall on her butt Peter and Kylie showed off their own moves.

Finally, after trying for hours everyone got the hang of skating without hurting anyone.

“Ok, Peter…we better get moving or else you’re going to kill yourself.”

After showing off his girlish figure and moves for a few more minutes we headed off to the bistro for dinner.

And yes, I did get cookies for dinner.  It was a holiday after all.  At least the girls made better food choices!  Good parenting for the win!

After we put the girls to bed I hung our new family portraits in the living room.  Then Peter and I danced the night away.

6 thoughts on “Chapter 3.47

  1. Big family fun at the Spring Festival! Peter had some pretty fancy roller-skating moves. He looked a little like a ballerina, though. Not the best look for a dude. LOL

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