Eternally Yours · Generation 3

Chapter 3.46

Just because there were fewer people in my house didn’t mean things were any less crazy…especially with the move.

Harper and Kylie benefitted from the move with new bedroom sets.

The rooms still need to be painted but I’m hoping that the girl won’t care if that sits undone for a few months.

Peter and I stuck with my old bedroom set.  I’m sure we’ll get around to updating in eventually (read: never).

After getting the girls off to school Peter and I would go our separate ways.  He’d spend his days in his study writing.  After his masterpiece the publishers were on his back for a sequel.

I set out to grow another garden.  I had the same amount of space as our old house but I was planning on jamming this garden to the brim.

After about a week we were settled in enough that I thought we should have a proper dinner together.  I whipped up a steak with all the fixings.

“Since we’re nearly settled, I think we should get a cat.”  Pete exclaimed.

“EXCUSE ME?!”  I nearly choked on my food.

“We need a pet to complete our family!”

“YEAH!”  The girls chimed in.

“Let’s table this discussion for after the wedding.  Girls, go upstairs and do your homework.”

“Ooo…Daddy’s gonna get it.”  They giggled all the way up the stairs.

They’d taken to doing homework in each other’s rooms.  It was sweet really.  I wasn’t sure how our family would mesh because the girls are so different but they seem to balance each other.

Finally it was bedtime and Pete read bedtime stories to both girls.

And then Pete did get his later.  Obviously, I won the cat argument.

With summer nearly upon us Pete and I used the last of his book advance to set up a playground for the girls.

And a dining area for the adults.

Oh.  And we got a hot tub.  We can’t be mature all the time.

Or ever.

A month or so into our new house we decided to finally use our patio area.   I was cooking up grilled salmon with some fish Harper caught at Scouts.

While I was cooking I got a phone call informing me that Little Miss Kylie did not show up foe ballet that night.  She got a what for when she finally sauntered in the door.

Of course then the food caught on fire and I had to put it out.  Dinner was ruined but Pete saved the day.

Granted, it wasn’t the healthiest dinner but the kids had a good time.

Just another day in paradise.

10 thoughts on “Chapter 3.46

  1. Such a beautiful house. I’m glad it didn’t go up in flames.

    Looks like the kids got plenty of toys in the backyard. I’m glad you included adult fun areas, too. 😉

    1. Hooray! Glad you are back! I know how busy we can be! I meant to reply to comments and update the blog but…CHRISTMAS. Getting back on track before I leave town on Thursday!

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