Eternally Yours · Generation 3

Chapter 3.45

I missed the craziness of having a full house but I was getting used to having room to spread out.  Pete, however, was getting restless.

Harper and Kylie didn’t have time to feel one way or the other because school started and they were off and running as third-graders.

One morning, after getting the girls fed and off to school Pete was on a mission.

“Come on, Penn.  I have something to show you.”

“You wanna tell me where we are going?”

“No…it’s a surprise!’

After nearly an hour we pulled up in front of a house on the edge of the city limits.

“Ok.  You have me.  What is it?” I asked incredulously.

“It’s a house, P.”

“I never would have guessed, Pete.  Whose house?”

“I kind of thought it could be ours, Penny.  Rather than your house or my house this could be our house.”

“This house is huge, Pete!”

“I know!  It has 5 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, a huge playroom, a rec room, a playground, 2 offices, and a garden!”

“PETER!  Our current house is too big!  What are we going to do with more space?!”

“…Fill it with kids?”

“Can I call the realtor, Penny?  Please?”

“How are we going to pay for it, Peter?  We can’t afford this house no matter how much I love it.”

“What if we could?”

“Don’t joke, Peter.”

“I’m not, Penn.  The early reviews for my latest book are coming back.  It hasn’t even hit the shelves yet and it’s already a best selling masterpiece.  The publisher has called for a second printing.  They’ve given me a $75,000 bonus.  If we sell your house and add my bonus we’ll have plenty.”

“Well…I don’t know.  I worked so hard for that house.”

“And because of that you’ve earned this house and more, Penny.  Let me give this to you…as a wedding gift.”

I wasn’t sure what to say to that.  I still wasn’t used to having someone take care of me.

I sighed.  “Alright.  Make the call.”

While Peter called the realtor I did some quick calculations to see just how much house we could afford.  Surprisingly, we could get this house and some new furniture.  Now if the realtor would approve us…

“Well, Ms. Hanks…”

“Welcome home!”

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