Eternally Yours · Generation 3

The Engagement

Note from SweetPoyzin: Flashback post!  You know you wanted to see the Peter/Penny Engagement.

One night, not long after Dylan moved out, Peter and I were enjoying some unprecedented alone time together.



“Well sheesh, I don’t know, Penny.”

“OH!  Look!  See that really bright star out there, Penn?”

“Please don’t tell me that star is me, Pete.  Stars always burn brightest before they die.”

“Shush, chatty monkey, and let me finish.  You aren’t the bright one.  You’re the dim one next to it.”

“How is that any better?!”

“Your star is only just starting its journey, Penn.  Nearly your entire life you’ve taken care of other people, you’ve helped Katie and Dylan shine.  Now it’s time for you.”

“Come here and dance with me, Ms. Hanks.”

“Why, I’d be honored, Mr. Pagano.”

“Oh…hm.  Shoot.”

“What, Pete?  What is it?”

“I just need to tie my shoe…one sec.”

“Will you marry me, Penelope Hanks?”

“Oh my God!  Is this really for me?!  It’s beautiful!”


“Yes!  Yes, of course!”

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