Eternally Yours · Generation 3

Chapter 3.44

For a while I really wanted life to slow down. It all started with the birthdays.

First Dylan became a young adult.

Olivia would be so proud of him.  He’s working to become a CEO.  Aced his way through high school and everything.

Shortly after his birthday he and the Meri moved out and got a cute little bungalow with Dante.

Not long after Dylan moved out, Linzy and I said our goodbyes.  After helping me successfully raise three children it was time for her to move on.  We knew the day was coming but that didn’t make it any easier.  She snagged a little townhouse in the suburbs not too far from Peter (so I know I’ll see her before too long).

Harper spent most of her free time entertaining her little cousins.  They will be little architects in no time!  Our days with the twins were limited and just a short year after Dylan moved out the time came for Katie to go, too.

Graduation Day snuck up on us and suddenly Katie was graduating from college.

She ended up with a 4.0 and left Storybrook University with job offers from several laboratories in the area.

“Stand over there with Kayleigh.  I need a picture of you two.”

“Oh my God, Penny.  How many photos are you going to take today?!”

“As many as I damn well please!  It’s been a long ass road to get you here and I’m going to enjoy it.  Now go stand by your damn daughter!”

She looks so thrilled.  Doesn’t matter how she felt.  I was ecstatic that we finally made it that far.  I saw so much of Olivia in Katherine that day.  Liv would have been so proud to see how far Katie had come in just 4 years.

There was just one thing missing from Katie’s new start.  A house.  Peter moved in with me and we gave his house to Katie as a graduation gift.

After we got Katie moved in Dylan dropped by to talk about the huge gift.

“Dylan, Pete and I didn’t mean to upset you by giving your sister such a generous gift.  We realize that we can’t do the same for you but we really hope you understand.”

“That’s not why I came over, Aunt Penny.  Katie’s made some poor choices in the past.  She needed a fresh start and I think that it is really amazing that you and Pete did that for her.  I wanted you to know that you don’t owe me any gift, Penny.  You took me in and raised me after Mom and Dad were killed even though you had your own issues.  That is more than enough of a gift.  I’m the one who owes you.”

After Dylan left I realized how quiet the house was.  There were no toddlers babbling and stumbling around.  The sibling bickering was gone.  Dog barking was replaced by the rustle of leaves in the wind.  Everything was gone.

The place seemed so small when I first bought it all those years ago but now it seemed cavernous.  With just Pete, Kylie, Harper, and I the placed screamed in silence.  It was lonely.

It was time to downsize.

5 thoughts on “Chapter 3.44

  1. On my opinion, the gameplay changes dramatically when suddenly you find yourself with just a couple of Sims after you’ve spent a long time playing with many + pets. When you have a full household to manage sometimes it just gets too frustrating, but then when you have a Sim or two to control you suddenly don’t know what to do 😀

    Great chapter! I love how everything is going well for everyone and I’m super happy that Peter and Penny are getting married! Yay! ❤

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