Eternally Yours


Eternally Yours will pick up three years after the birth of Kayleigh and Kennedy Hepworth.

Katherine Hepworth is now a young adult university student just one year away from graduation.  She is studying science but has made a name for herself in the art world as a photographer.

Kayleigh and Kennedy are now walking, talking, bundles of destruction.  They are on the cusp of childhood.  By the time their mother graduates from college they will be ready to head off to school themselves.

Kennedy Hepworth is showing an inclination toward music and logic.  Mostly she just likes cookies.

Kayleigh Hepworth is friendly and easily impressed.  Don’t mess with her cookies though.  She will end you.

Dylan Hepworth is a high school senior who will graduate in just a few months.  He has plans to study art at Storybrook County University in the fall.  He and his boyfriend of two years, Dante, are planning to rent a house together after high school.

Merri the puppy has exploded into a dog.  He will live with Dylan once he leaves the nest.

Pippin has also grown into a beast of a dog.  He will follow his babies anywhere and will continue to live with Katherine after graduation.

Last but certainly not least is our heroine, Penny.  After three years she is down to her target weight and looking great.  She and Pete finally decided to label their relationship.  In fact, they labeled it so much, that Pete decided to put a ring on it.  He and Penny are planning a summer wedding after Katherine graduates.

I’m sorry for jumping ahead so much.  For the past month or so I just didn’t know where to take this monster of a legacy.  I had some dialogue in my head and snippets of plots but nothing was screaming at my the way it used to do.  This coupled with the fact that my computer hates running a household with seven humans and two dogs really sent my desire to play out the window.

Yesterday this whole skipping ahead idea burrowed itself inside my brain and from there all the ideas started flowing.  Houses were built, plots were written, and sims were created.  Ten hours later I was ready to pick this beast up again.

I appreciate you hanging with me for so long.  I love this legacy (despite how frustration it can be to write it) and I hope you do too.  See you next week with new posts!

4 thoughts on “Prologue

  1. All the ladies are looking good! So, Dylan’s got a boyfriend now, huh? Variety is the spice of life (and legacies). LOL. Those puppies turned out huge, but they’re still just as adorable as ever. Glad to hear that wedding bells are in Penny’s future! I just knew Pete was a keeper. 😀

    1. Katherine is Olivia with Mike’s coloring. She aged up and I was all o.o! And those babies are the cutest! I had no intention of making Dylan gay but the story has a life of its own. And yeah…those puppies are horses. I love Pippin though. He’s always sniffing the twins and hanging out in the same room with them. I love Pete so much. I knew it would never work out with Xander because I tried to force him into that role and I personally wasn’t committed to him. However he is Harper’s father so you never know when that will rear it’s ugly head 😉

  2. Three years? Took you long enough, Pete! LOL Penny looks great and Katherine is so grown up. Hopefully her wild streak has ended now that she’s a mother of twins and more mature. And the puppies are HUGE!!

    1. I was not expecting those dogs to get so big! And I was with my man for YEARS before he proposed (and he never even did it formally) so it seemed fitting for Pete to wait too!

      I’m so excited to be excited about this again!

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