Eternally Yours · Generation 3

Chapter 3.43

Life sometimes throws you curve balls.  Katherine’s pregnancy was just another in a long line of life’s pitches.  As such, I ended up putting my dreams of going back to college on hold to help Katherine bring a healthy baby into the world.

Morning sickness hit Katherine hard.  We were actually a little concerned those first few months because Katherine was sick all day every day.  The doctor assured us that it would pass once we hit the second trimester.

Despite the circumstances Katherine glowed once she started showing.  She spent every minute of her day talking to her little peanut.

Well, every minute that she wasn’t throwing up, that is.  Morning sickness refused to back down.

Pete and I took a break from our relationship so I could deal with Katherine without any distractions.

Hannah and I still went to the gym regularly.  The goal was to be looking great by the time the baby arrived in the winter.  That way, Pete would be amazed by how awesome I looked.

We worked out so often that I’m pretty sure the gym will never smell the same.

It was totally paying off.  By early autumn I was nearly back to my pre-baby weight.  It only took  five years but who’s counting…

Hannah was becoming my closest confidant during Katherine’s pregnancy.  She was keeping me sane when I really wanted to cap a bitch.

“Today of all days you didn’t shower after the gym?!”

“Sorry!  I was running late and I didn’t want to miss this!  I’ll sponge off in the bathroom!”

“I don’t know if that’s better or worse…”

“Come on…Katie’s here.”

Today was the big day.  We were going to find out the sex of Katie’s little peanut.

I huddled around my niece as she stared intently at the screen.  “Is everything ok, doctor?”

“It most certainly is, Ms. Hepworth.  Would you like to know the sex of your baby?”

“That’s why I’m here!”  She was so excited but it hurt to see the childishness of it.  She was still just a girl herself yet here we were talking about her baby.

“Well, Ms. Hepworth, I’d invest in some pink decor because your daughter looks like a little princess.”

This family and our females!  Poor Adam and Pickle.  I know they wanted a boy.

Even though we were all looking forward to the birth of a new family member we had another big event to plan.

Harper, Violet, and Kallie were all having birthdays.  We decided to have one big party to make things easier.

I found it a bit hard to believe that my baby brother and his wife were about to have elementary school aged children.  Then I remembered that I was about to have an elementary school aged child too.  I figured it was best to stop thinking at that point.

We all gathered around the cakes and started the celebration.  Dylan and Katherine were there. but that was about it.  We’re small-scale these days.

Adam and Kallie went first since she was the youngest.  We figured she could be the oldest for just a few minutes.

Next up was Hannah and Vi.

Finally, I helped little Harper.

Violet was just lovely.  She has Hannah’s nearly red hair and I’d swear those are mom’s blue eyes even though Adam was adopted.

Harper is all Xander.  She might have my hair and skin color but everything else about her comes from her father.  She’s beautiful just the same.  She’s the best thing he ever did for me.

Katherine was true to her word and worked diligently on schoolwork.  Linzy really came in handy since she has a degree in education.

When it was my turn to help we usually did science together.  By the time winter rolled around Katherine was an honors student set to graduate from high school a year early.

We were working together on Christmas Eve when Katherine asked me a question.

“Penny, what does labor feel like?”

“You’ll know it when you feel it, kiddo.”

“I thought so.  Penny?  I’m in labor.”

She jumped up and grabber her belly.  I could tell this was it when I saw the eyes bug out of her head.

“Come on, kiddo!  Let’s get you to a hospital!”

“We’re a bit late for that, Penny.  The baby is coming now!”

I had to pull up every once of medical training I had.  Linzy and Dylan helped me get Katherine upstairs and onto her bed.

“Penny!  I can’t do this!”  She screamed at me.

“You sure as hell can, Katherine!  I did it.  Your mama did it.  You can do it!”

And she did.


After just three hours Katherine brought the first member of generation five into the world.  Kayleigh Penelope Hepworth was born in the wee hours of Christmas morning.

Five minutes later we welcomed the second member of generation five, Kennedy Olivia Hepworth.

Our little family just got a whole lot bigger.

Note from SweetPoyzin: Those twins were 100% unplanned.  Of course, so were Penny and Liv.  Nevertheless, I was shocked as hell when the second one popped out.  It seemed only fitting to name the second set of twins after the twins that helped bring them into the world though.

Also, I realize Kallie didn’t have an aging up picture.  She’s still a toddler oddly enough.  The game refuses to age her up.  I will remedy this and post appropriate adorableness when the time comes.

5 thoughts on “Chapter 3.43

  1. Ooh time is passing! I would fire that ultrasound technician asap! One little thing they failed to notice, apparently, LOL!! But seriously, how cute are they?? And Katherine standing up right after giving birth to twins, complication-free at home? Gotta love the Sims. 🙂

  2. Penny’s lost some poundage. I guess her workouts are paying off. Violet and Harper are beautiful! I’m sure Kallie will be, too. As if Penny didn’t have enough on her hands, now she has to help Bug with TWINS!?! Yowza.

    1. See I should have known something fishy was up before Kayleigh and Kennedy were born. I rarely have twins in game without cheating. Penny and Liv were a surprise but otherwise all my multiples are planned.

      Before Katie’s baby was born I got Story Progression alerts that three sets of twins were born. It was only after Katie had her baby that I was like…I should have known.

      I have a feeling they are gonna be super cute though! The Lox family genes are spectacular!

  3. Harper and Violet are both so pretty! Your legacy has really some great genes. And it’s really funny Katie had twins since the doctor saw just one girl 😀 Can’t wait to see them as toddlers.

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