Eternally Yours · Generation 3

Chapter 3.41

Note from SweetPoyzin: Contains adult language and subject matter.  Reader discretion is advised.

By spring we were getting into our new groove.  Dylan was off to school, I was puttering around the house, and Bug was Bug.

I had all but forgotten about applying to college.  Then one morning a letter showed up unannounced informing me that I had been accepted to Storybrook County University’s Masters of  Business Administration program.  What I was going to do with that degree I didn’t know but I’m sure it would work itself out in time.

After our major blowout Katie started to get her shit together.  In fact, by the time prom rolled around in late spring, I was convinced our problems were behind us.

“How was prom, Bug?”

“It SUCKED!  Teddy totally refused to dance with me even though he said he would in school!”

“I’m sorry, honey.  Who’s Teddy?”

“And THEN after prom I was like CALL ME!”

“But he was all fuck you.  I hate boys.  I hate Teddy.”

I had never heard of this Teddy kid but whomever he was he seriously pissed off Katie.

“Ok, ok sit down.  Let’s talk about this, Bug-a-boo”

“Why are boys suck jerks!?  I mean, Xander was a huge ass to you.  What’s wrong with them?!”

“I don’t know?  First, let’s talk about Teddy.  Tell me about him?”

“I dunno…he’s some kid from school.  He plays football.  He’s super popular and then one day he wanted to hangout so we did.  Now he won’t even talk to me!”

“Ok.  Well…can you think of anything that would make things weird between you?  Did you have a fight?”

Katie was silent for awhile and her eyes told me she was far away.

“Katie?  Is there anything that you can think of about why Teddy is mad?”

She finally returned to Earth.  “No, Penny.  Nothing.”

It was night to get a break from the perils of teen drama and jerky boys.

Peter and I were still enjoying our…thing.  We still weren’t putting a label on it.

Pete did finally invite me to his house to meet his daughter Kylie.  She’s a sweet little thing and she’s only a few months younger than Harper.  She’s and I became fast friends.  All it took was an “aldergader” toy…her favorite animal.

Despite the lack of teen drama, we still dealt with teen hormones.  Well, except we were teens anymore.

“You know, Penn, I think I might lo–“

“Shush.  If you say that then everything changes, Peter.  We have to label this shit if you say the l-word.”

“Well, I won’t say the l-word but I would like to do the f-word except I should probably put the toddler to B-E-D first so she doesn’t crawl into the oven or something.”

“I’ll do it, Pete.  I’m that nugget’s favorite person today and I want to keep up the good vibes with your daughter.  Just in case.”

“You know, you look good putting my daughter to bed, Penny.  Perhaps we should make this a habit?”

I knew where Pete was going with this but after deciding we weren’t labeling this I wasn’t quite ready for “love” and “let’s move in together.”  In the long run I did see a life with Pete but for now I was just going to ride this one out.

“If I look good in you daughter’s room imagine how good I will look in yours..”

“Point taken.  Get your sweet ass in gear, woman.”

Maybe it was just the warm fuzzies of after glow but I am starting to think we need to label this shit.

6 thoughts on “Chapter 3.41

    1. I love Pete so much. As attached as I was to Xander in my other legacy he just didn’t fit in this one. They were doomed from the start because I kept trying to make it work in my mind but I wasn’t committed.

  1. Some people put a ring on it. Penny puts a label on it. She always did march to the beat of her own drum. L- (wait, I won’t use the “L” word) … let’s just say I don’t hate that about her.

    1. Penny really is my inner voice in sim form. This is probably why I was not ready to give her up yet. I have never been as attached to any sim before. As soon as Mollie popped out a little purple baby I was like…yep, that’s the one.

  2. I’m curious what is the real reason why Teddy didn’t want to dance with Katie… If he’s the guy she spent the night with after she ran away from Penny that evening, well… Hopefully it’s not what I think it might be.

    Kylie is such a sweet little girl and she has freckles! So adorable!

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