Eternally Yours


I hope you all are enjoying Eternally Yours as much as I am!  These past few posts have been a bit intense to write but I really am enjoying them.  In the meantime, here’s some bloopers to tide you over.

There’s a puppy in there somewhere…

Creepy dog gnome is creepin on you in your sleepz.

Cousin Jonah comes over to do homework.  He was invited inside but apparently he’s too good for that.

Creepy Freezer Bunny Gnome is just creepy.

Behind the scenes Penny worked in the Showbiz career.  This was her career outfit.  Because…why wouldn’t it be?

Penny went over to visit Hannah and this crazy ass old woman showed up.  Just walked right in the door and then proceeded to get angry that nobody would let her upstairs to sleep.

I missed documenting the birth of this one.  Hannah surprised me with both the pregnancy and the birth…and then the birthday.  Meet Azalea Kalliope Hanks (AKA Kallie).  She is literally an evil genius and will probably break many hearts.  Girl is gorgeous.

Oh…hello there Meri.  Just go back to the fiery pits of hell that you came from. kthxbai.

Meanwhile Pippin stares awkwardly as Penny tries to get her groove on.

I see what you’re after Peter…

And apparently Dylan is not amused by Aunt Penny’s antics.

5 thoughts on “Bloopers

    1. This is my thoughts on Sim logic:

      Sometimes, sims don’t always look…normal.
      They don’t always act normal.
      And on occasion, the things in their homes don’t act normal either.

  1. Long live the blooper reel! Penny really looked like a movie star in her showbiz outfit! 😛
    I don’t know why Penny wouldn’t let that crazy old woman get some sleep. Where are her manners? LOL.
    I love when you catch a sim staring at someone inappropriately. *ahem* Eyes up here, bud!

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