Eternally Yours · Generation 3

Chapter 3.39

With the holidays over Hannah and I made good on our plans to get in shape.

I wish that getting into shape was the most difficult part of my life…

Katie was proving to be more of a challenge than I’d anticipated.

“They aren’t mine…I swear!”

“Do NOT lie to me, young lady.  I found them in your room this morning.”

“You were in my room?”

“I was going to surprise you with new furniture.  I was the one surprised.  How’d you get all the  booze, Katherine.”

“None of your business!  You shouldn’t have been in my room without asking!”

“IT’S MY HOUSE!  I will go in your room whenever I want.  Especially now!”


We’d been doing this for months and I was getting run down. I had no idea where this attitude was coming from and I had no idea how to help her.  At least I still had my work outs with Hannah to look forward to.

Those weren’t going quite as planned either.

“You got this, Penny!  Sweat those pounds off!  I’m going to grab a cookie but you got this!”

Just after the school year started, Katie finally crossed the line.

She tried to steal exam answer keys from the high school and was arrested for trespassing.

“Don’t even speak to me.  I raised you better than this.  Your mother raised you better than this.  You are so much better than what you’ve become.  I’m so disappointed and I’m embarrassed for you.  Look at you!  You’re dressed like trash!”

“SHUT UP! You’re just jealous because Pete thinks I’m hotter than you! He told me!”

This was news to me. I was pretty sure she was trying to get a rise out of me but after months of this I broke.


“I’m sorry, Penny!  I didn’t mean it!  I’m sorry!”


“Go where, Penny?!”

“I don’t care.  Just get out.”

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