Eternally Yours · Generation 3

Chapter 3.36

It was time for a proper Christmas in Storybrook County.

I went the whole nine yards.  Tree, stockings, candles, the works.  Adam and Hannah were coming over this year, too.  It was finally going to be a celebration like the ones from my childhood.

Unlike my childhood where snow dumped on us (relentlessly) for days, the snow in Storybrook County seemed to know when it was just enough.  It was lovely.

I also decided to go big or go home as far as Christmas gifts go.  With Bug coming home soon and Pickle and Harper getting bored inside I needed a plan for spring.  I took my issues to the only place in town where I knew I could get a good deal.

I hoped beyond home the consignment shop would have just what I needed to execute my plan.

“You wouldn’t happen to have any used playground furniture back there would you?”

Magic was on my side today and I ended up with an entire backyard full of goodies for under $300.

Since I still had $200 left over in my budget I decided to get myself a little something too.  I feel like I’ve been a good girl this year…

The week before Christmas Adam asked me to drop by his place.

Harper came with me because she loves her little cousins and Uncy Adam is even cooler than Mom.

“Did you want me to come over or did you just miss Harper?” I asked Adam after an hour of sitting around while he hogged my daughter.

“No, he’s got something to tell you, Penn.  He’s just avoiding the conversation.”  I had to laugh that Hannah was up to ears in whiny daughters while Adam relished all his attention on my own child much to the dismay of his oldest.

After helping his wife feed and bath his children Adam was finally ready to sit down and chat.  I could tell he was avoiding this conversation like the plague so it had to be bad.

“Ok.  So I should have asked you first but Mom called and wanted to visit over the holidays and I said yes.  The whole crew is going to show up at your place for Christmas.”

“How many is ‘the whole crew,’ Adam?”

“Well…mom, dad, Holly, Ericka, Grandma and Grandpa…maybe a few others.  But really, Penn, they’ve never met my girls or Harper and you know Dylan probably doesn’t remember them.  It could be ok.”

“Of course it’s ok!  They didn’t even know I was pregnant when I left!  That’s gonna be a good story.  I gotta get cooking!”

It had been three years since I saw my family.  I really wasn’t sure I was ready for it but I was caught up in the magic of the season.  It could be fun…


8 thoughts on “Chapter 3.36

    1. Seriously! But Adam is such a sweetheart it would be hard to smack him.

      Also…you are a beast with the comments. This post has been up for like 30 minutes and BOOM. You’re on it.

  1. Three years since Penny’s seen the family? That’s a long time. It should be an interesting family reunion, especially when they meet Harper for the first time. O.O

    1. Yeah, I don’t even know why I wrote that in there. I saw Hannah’s face and I was like…ooo Adam’s got bad news…what should it be? And then 15 people showed up.

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