Month: August 2014


I hope you all are enjoying Eternally Yours as much as I am!  These past few posts have been a bit intense to write but I really am enjoying them.  In the meantime, here’s some bloopers to tide you over. There’s a puppy in there…

Chapter 3.40

“What are you talking about, Honey?”  Hours later I was still upset from the fight with Katie and babbling incoherently to Peter over the phone. “Just hang tight, Penny. I’ll be right over.” When Pete arrived I told him everything that had happened. I…

Chapter 3.39

**Adult content and language** Penny plans to get back in shape for her new man. Katie creates some massive issues.

Chapter 3.38

Note from SweetPoyzin: Some language and adult situations. I went downtown to meet Peter at the city square.  It was late but who cares. We acted like little kids and built a huge snowman right there in the middle of the city. “You know,…

Chapter 3.37

The day of the party finally arrived.  I wasn’t sure how I felt about the whole thing but I had too much to do to care. I spent the morning baking.  Cookies, pies, cakes, everything. I had a helper in the kitchen for once….

Chapter 3.36

It was time for a proper Christmas in Storybrook County. I went the whole nine yards.  Tree, stockings, candles, the works.  Adam and Hannah were coming over this year, too.  It was finally going to be a celebration like the ones from my childhood….

Where the Eff is SweetPoyzin?!

Instead of taking a hiatus I’ve decided to cue up a bunch of posts that will go live while I am away. Some of them were a bit rushed (what’s new) but I think you’ll figure it out. I’ll be in touch via email so feel free to comment (or scream because one or two might piss you off) because your notes always make me happy.


Due to a family emergency that will take me out of the state for an unforeseen amount of time, Eternally Yours is on an indefinite hiatus.  I need every minute I have to complete my senior project while traveling and spending time with family….

Chapter 3.35

Content Warning: Some language and adult situations. I’d like to say I’m storing up for winter but I’d be lying to myself. I’d been steadily gaining weight since Harper came along.  Needless to say men aren’t looking my way that often.  So I took…

Chapter 3.34

I thought about Hannah’s offer for a few weeks and then headed over to take Adam up on the offer.  I was still on the fence but the man…has grounded me since he was a teen so I figured we could at least…


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