Stay tuned to the end of this post for an exciting announcement!

Penny’s put on some weight since the baby and her boobs keep getting in EVERYONE’S way.

There are so many awesome faces happening here.

So the puppies came to live with the crew before their official debut.  It killed me that this did not end up in the story.  Holy crap.

Also…this.  PUPPIES.  Please be aware that all my blooper posts from this point on will have so much puppy cuteness spam.

That chipmunk is like “Dear Christ pleas don’t look at me!”

Also…I heart this kid.  This is why I killed Olivia.  I didn’t want to miss these moments.  Sorry.  I’m horrible.

So Queenie’s sim Gavin wanted to be buzzed up to Penny’s apartment.  She told him no but that didn’t stop him from creeping in the lobby for 8 hours.

Some adorbz from when Adam met Hannah.  Thanks to Illusie for creating this awesome sim MONTHS ago and she is finally getting her moment in the sun now!

Oh Adam.  This kid is amazeballs.  I cannot believe he’s now married with two children.

I realize I sound crazy because I’m talking as if these guys are my own family.  I may or may not like them better than my own family.

Well hello Penny’s creepy-ass Imaginary Friend who I killed when Penny was a toddler.  Hell.No.

I killed him with fire.  Literally.  I set his ass on fire.  Now his creepy-ass red ghost floats around Storybrook County.

More puppies!  They greet Penny when she gets home.  I lurve them.


You made it to the end of this post.  Congratulations.  You win an exciting announcement!

In previous generations the torch passes at Chapter 40.  Our darling Penelope is at Chapter 33 which means her time is ending.

Except it isn’t.  I don’t feel like her story is done yet.  I think Penny’s life is going to begin at 40.

I think she deserves more time to find her happily ever after, don’t you?