Eternally Yours · Generation 3

Chapter 3.30

It’s ours!  After I foolishly sold everything we owned in order to make the down payment.  We were left with nothing but the house.

A wonderful couple named Colt and Anna heard about our tale and graciously donated furniture, toys, and money to help us get everything we needed for our home.

This is a perfect place to raise my family.  I knew it would be.

And I have a coffee maker.  God knows with a baby and a toddler I needed that hardcore.

I’m still amazed it is ours.

I made sure the kids had everything they wanted and needed.  All new toys and furniture.

I picked out paint and wallpaper.  I went nuts.

Harper’s room is still a bit spartan but she’s 9 months old.  I’m pretty sure she doesn’t really care.

I really went overboard with the kid stuff.  They’ve been through a lot and they are such troopers.  They deserve the best.

I didn’t ignore myself though.  I need some quiet, too!

I made sure I got some pampering after the kids were taken care of.

The garden is where I really went crazy.

I even bought a canning set for the shed.

This is our home now and for as long as I can tell.

I sold off all the produce from the garden as soon as Katie told me she wanted to go to boarding school.  She was accepted to Le Fromage and starts at the end of the summer.  We’ll miss her but she’s earned it.

She looks more like her Mama every day.  All my babies are growing up fairly well.  I’m surprised I didn’t break them.

**Note from SweetPoyzin** Many thanks to all those who sent in-game gifts to get Penny and crew through their period of financial distress!**

9 thoughts on “Chapter 3.30

  1. The house looks wonderful!! You did a great job. I hope she enjoys boarding school. Colt and Anna wants Penny to know that if she needs ANYTHING. All she needs to do is call them.
    I am loving this story so much.

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