Eternally Yours · Generation 3

Chapter 3.26

Welcome to Storybrook County!

We couldn’t have chosen a nicer home.  It had a huge downtown area for the city-girl in me!

There are wonderful beaches right down the road!

And rolling country hills are just outside of the suburbs.  This is a perfect place to raise children!

And speaking of children…the peanut is ready to bust into the world any day now.

Unfortunately the only place we could afford wasn’t the most child friendly area.  Yes, it does have a playground but it’s a little cramped.

It was cheap and since we came with little more than the clothes on our backs it would have to do for a bit.

I made sure the kids had nicely furnished rooms.

But we were short on playthings.

The first priority was getting some toys.  ASAP.

I hauled Bug’s butt to the toystore and told her to go crazy.  She literally went crazy.  And then she spent $2000 on toys for her and her brother.  It pretty much wiped out the bank account but it was worth it.

“PENNY!  Dylan’s eating the dolls again!”

“It’s ok, Bug.  He got that from your mother.  She always ate the dolls, too.”

We were all getting along surprisingly well without Liv.  Dylan seems mostly unphased by it and I’m not sure he actually remembers Liv and Mike.  Katie has taken on the role of ultimate protector and it doesn’t matter how annoyed she is with her brother she never sends him away.

“Darn it, Dylan!  That one was going to be great.”

“My block!”

“Ok, ok.  You can have it.  Just ask next time.”

When I wasn’t watching the kids or worrying about money, I was spending my time getting acquainted with my new sister-n-law.  Adam ran into Hannah Preston down at the grocery store the week we moved in and three months later she was Hannah Hanks.  Pretty soon she’s going to be Mama Hanks!  They just announced her pregnancy last week.

As for me, I’m busy learning how not to screw up my daughter.  I have less than 2 weeks to go.  Here’s hoping I can learn fast!


Storybrook County: My Sims Realty


Note from SweetPoyzin:

  • Xander is now married to Gabby Gonzalo
  • Momo MoSneakers is married to Gavin Gonzalo
  • I did move the rest of the Lox-Hanks crew to Storybrook County.  Pretend you don’t see them if they randomly pop up in background scenes.

10 thoughts on “Chapter 3.26

  1. Storybrook County looks lovely … like a combination of Bridgeport, Sunlit Tides and Riverview. Bug is being a sweet big sis. Love to see her playing with Pickle … er, Dylan. She seems to look a lot like Penny, though I’ve only seen profile shots. Adam’s married already, huh? Can’t wait to see Peanut and then Adam’s baby. 🙂

    1. I used to think that Bug looked like Mike but when you see her head on she looks just like Olivia. Spittin’ Image of Mom. It’s scary. I’ll post a photo wall shot of Bug, Pickle, and Peanut soon!

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