Eternally Yours · Generation 3

Chapter 3.24

Note from SweetPoyzin: My apologies…again.

A few months after the funeral things were finally getting settled.  Adam was gearing up for college in a couple of weeks.  He moved out into his own place to give me space for the kids.

Xander came home one night and had big news.

“Honey!  I’m no longer working the night shift!  We can get started on that baby now!”  He was thrilled.  I had doubts.

“You got promoted?”

“Well…not so much.  I got…fired.  Penny, I haven’t been 100% honest with you.  That security job I was working?  I was actually a Master Crime Boss.  My dad found out and well, I got arrested.  Remember that trip I took a year or so ago?  Yeah…”


“Get. Out. Now.” I growled.  I didn’t know I could make that noise but I growled at him.

“I don’t even care that you were a crime boss, Xander.  You lied…for 10 years!  I’ve known you for TEN YEARS!  How long?”

“I worked there for 8 years.”

“FUCK YOU.  You disgust me.”  I had no idea how badly his betrayal hurt.  I honestly didn’t care about his being a crime boss.  He lied…for 8 years.

“How can I fix this, Penny?  Tell me.  I will do anything.”  He was actually heartbroken that he hurt me.  I could feel his sincerity oozing off his body.

“Get out and sign the divorce papers I send you tomorrow.”

“Penny!  Wait, please!”  His begging was almost worse than his lies.

“OUT or I will call the cops on your ass again.”

“I’m so sorry, Peanut.  It looks like it’s just us now.”

18 thoughts on “Chapter 3.24

  1. Whoa … heavy. And I thought Xander was such a nice guy. Bad Xander. He had a pretty twisted idea of the good news / bad news scenario. With bad news like that, who needs the good news. And now Penny’s pregnant AND she has Bug & Pickle, too? For someone who didn’t want kids, she’s going to have her hands full.

    1. It’s even worse if you read my legacy Noble Cause featuring Xander’s family. Xander’s dad (Isaac) was a top police officer hunting down a crime boss who killed his son (Xander’s younger brother).

      1. It’s getting all crazy over there! I love it! Actually I was so busy loving it I forgot a whole shit-ton of screenshots so that will be a fun plot line to fix.

  2. WHOA. I didn’t see this coming! How can someone like Xander be a criminal?! Something’s really messed up here… Oh well. Can’t do much about it. I’m wondering now, will Penny tell him about the baby? Is she going to keep it? I deeply hope she does… One abortion was enough, I think. Though I’m sorry they’re gonna split… They seemed like the perfect soulmates on their wedding day…

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