Eternally Yours · Generation 3

Chapter 3.23

Note from SweetPoyzin: Sorry it’s so short.  I didn’t want to do it but it had to be done for reasons that will be explained later.

Car accident.  It was worse than I could have imagined.  We lost Mike, too.

Mom was a mess.  Someone had to plan a funeral.  So I got on the phone and made the arrangements.

“Yes, yes I’m sure I want it on the beach.  Yes, only black table clothes and chairs.  No, make sure everything else is colorful.  Yes, I’m sure she would have wanted lots and lots of color.”

After I made the plans Xander grabbed me.

“Let’s take the kids.  You know Mike and Liv would have wanted them to be raised by family.  Who better than you?”

Bug and Pickle.  Shit.  I hadn’t even thought about the kids.  I may have lost my twin but they lost everything.

“The social worker stopped by when you were on the phone.  There’s a hearing tomorrow.  If you want them she said all you have to do is show up.  We should do this, Penny.  Liv would kick your ass if you let them go into foster care.”

He was right.  I have no idea where I am going to put them but they have to come here.  Tomorrow.

The next day before the funeral I headed to the courthouse.  I wished that convincing a judge I’d be a good parent was the most difficult part of my day but it would only get worse from here.

The venue was perfect.  It was just what Liv would have wanted.

I wished that Mom’s photos were being used for a better purpose but I wanted a celebration just like we used to have for our birthdays.  We were going to celebrate her life not mourn her death.

I still lost my shit when I saw her urn though.  How was I ever going to raise her children the same way she would have.  She was so much better than me at everything.  How was I going to get through this without the person who had been through everything with me?

Katie handled it all so well.  She stood there and let others mourn for her mother but never cried.  I knew we would be dealing with that later but for now I was glad she kept herself together.

Mom and I did the eulogy.  We did our best at least.

We both looked a little crazy but I don’t think anyone was going to hold it against us.

Later Adam, Bug, Pickle, and I went to the cemetery together.

We all just cried and held each other.  It was the best we could do.

We had all lost the glue that held us together.  It was up to us to hold each other together now.

Please, please, please.  Olivia, if you can hear me…please help me raise these babies.

12 thoughts on “Chapter 3.23

    1. I love this comment so much. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I was starting to question this legacy despite all my old followers who love it (sorry, guys). I’m glad that fresh eyes love it, too!

      I needed this comment.

      1. Aww, SP. Don’t doubt yourself. You’re an awesome storyteller! I honestly don’t know where you come up with half the lines you do, but I love the hell out of this blog. You’re very talented! It’s a shame you don’t get more comments because I know how much they mean to a writer. But you’ve gotta know that with 147 followers, you’re doing SOMEthing right! *hugs*

      2. Aww thanks! I’m going to have to apologize in a future post because I was so busy loving the hell out of my new town and Penny’s new house I may have forgotten to take screenshots of baby Sutton’s entire infancy.

        I’ll make it work.

    1. I was kinda getting a little bit nutty trying to follow Bug and Pickle’s development. It made so insane I had to kill. Sorry Liv and Mike. However they are creepin around Penny’s new house which is totally weird.

  1. I am just…so sad. Olivia!!! T__T I wasn’t expecting this at all. I’m nervous to see just how much crazier it’ll get from here, but here I go! PS: I love your legacy so much!

    1. I still love that people get so caught off guard by this! Which make me sound really sadistic…

      But really I so glad you love this story. It’s always so rewarding to have new readers who come over for one chapter and then end up reading the whole thing. I get super excited when I see all your likes. Thank you so much for reading!

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