Eternally Yours


So I hate to spam you all but I’m going to spam you all this weekend.  I have a backlog of posts and now that I have finally gotten Penny and crew moved over to the new town I’m ready to dump these posts and get on with the story.

Sorry.  Here are some funnies to make you feel better.

The repo man stole our washing machine back when Penny first moved to her new house.

Ericka was screaming so Penny picked her up to soothe her.  Garrett and Mollie stood behind her as if to say “Are you sure you know what you are doing?”

And then Mollie proved that even after five kids she still doesn’t know what she is doing.

This is an old photo of Adam but HOW AWFUL IS THAT CLOWN!?  No wonder Adam cried.

Turns out someone is a witch.  She is shocked by this news, too.

This is wrong for so many reasons.  Mollie and Garrett made another baby in Penny’s bed during a party.  Lanya is creeping on their moves.  Dude.  No.

Not so much a blooper as Awwww.  This is Holly and Collin (Lydia’s last two kidlets).  Adorbz.

This was Adam’s first choice of Halloween costume.  He looks more proud than he should.

Adam just wanted ice cream.  Instead Xander impaled him.  Poor guy.

Penny stealing some DNAz from Liv.

Liv does not like the karaoke singer.

Every time Penny tried to get a gardening dragon she got the death dragon.  Hatred.

So all of the doctors stood around screaming at the hospital. They were trying to get into the hospital but the hospital was blocking the path.  Because…sims.  After several sim minutes of this Athena Sutton grabbed her keyboard and they all stopped yelling and listened to her play.  She is also wearing a wedding veil to work because…sims.

I am sure many sims died that day. If only the hospital hadn’t been in the way…

Xander caught a crocodile and put it in the fish bowl.  He’s kinda cute.  Xander named him Steve.

This guy happened.  This is Colleen’s cat Biscuit.  When she moved with Penny to Storybrook County, Biscuit transformed into a dog.  Except he failed.


“STFU, Granny Liddy.”

Break it down now.  I wanted a picture of them dancing together but it just looked like they were comparing boobs.

Adam got in one final prank before aging up.

Olivia was calling the mothership during Adam’s birthday party.  I don’t know if they answered.

3 thoughts on “Bloopers

  1. OMG … You had me doing the ugly laugh … that uncontrollable laugh that makes me glad I’m reading this at home and not at work like I sometimes do. HysTERical! I was holding it together pretty well until I got to the pic of Lanya pulling a peeping tom act on Mollie and Garrett. After that, it just got uglier and uglier. LOL. 😀

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