Eternally Yours

Real Life Update

So I have the next 5 or so chapters written.  Actually, they have been done for awhile and I’ve been sitting on them because they aren’t up to par.

My life has gotten insanely busy suddenly.  I am studying for the GRE, applying to graduate school, working 40 hours a week, and conducting some new research for a paper that is due in August.

I want to keep this story alive.  I know where it is going.  I’m just concerned about my lack of playtime.  I don’t want to throw tons of chapters at you only to have nothing for months.  I love this story and I love my readers.  I don’t want to give you a half-assed chapter but I do feel like I am rushing them due to lack of play time.

I am still 100% invested in this story.  I’m going to apologize now for the next few chapters because I’ve really been wanted to get on to the next part of the story but it’s just been stuck in the everyday.  So you are getting some shit chapters and then we will move on to the good (and not so good) parts that I’ve been dying to write for about 6 months.

You all are so totally awesome for putting up with my random ins and outs when it comes to Eternally Yours.  You are the best group of readers, fans, followers, and lurkers any aspiring writer could ever hope to have in her corner.

See you soon with more updates to Penny’s Saga!

6 thoughts on “Real Life Update

  1. Real life does get in the way of play time, doesn’t it? I hate it when that happens. LOL. Having just moved Jill to Lucky Palms, I had to basically start over with populating a new town with single men so we can get to baby-making. It’s tedious, but necessary. So, I hear you on that! We do the best we can, right? 🙂

    1. AHHHH I love that you are back! I missed your Baby Challenge, your comments, and YOU! I try to do my best and the town is now populated and full of quirk so Penny will fit right in!

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