Eternally Yours

Real Life Update

So I have the next 5 or so chapters written.  Actually, they have been done for awhile and I've been sitting on them because they aren't up to par. My life has gotten insanely busy suddenly.  I am studying for the GRE, applying to graduate school, working 40 hours a week, and conducting some new… Continue reading Real Life Update

Eternally Yours · Generation 3

Wedding Bloopers

Here's some mushy-gushy, sentimental stuff from Penny'y wedding. Mom seeing Penny for the first time on her wedding day. Mollie looks like she wants to clobber Staci.  I have no idea what their beef is.  Ever since that darn Bachelorette party Mollie has had it out for Staci. Another "OMG I LURVE PENNY" photo.  Seriously...I love… Continue reading Wedding Bloopers