The Last Nights of Freedom

I don’t have a ton of images from the Bachelor/Bachelorette parties.  I was too busy enjoying the insanity that ensued I forgot to take screenies.  Especially with Penny’s party.  You’ll see why shortly…

The guys had their party at a local pool.  Mostly so they could be my playtesters.  They ate burnt hotdogs, drank at the in-pool bar, and Xander tried to get too friendly with the party dancer so Garrett banished her.

All in all it was an awesome party.

The party begins.  I have no idea what Mike is doing in the background.  The seemingly random guy is Xander’s brother-in-law Roux who married Athena (she has two kids and a step-daughter now…weird).  You probably recognize the rest of the family.  Probably one of my favorite images of the generations.

Issac attacking Xander with fizzy nectar.  Warm fuzzies.

And now Garrett gets in on the action.  Xander was very sticky that night.

The party dancer shows up and there was more fizzy nectar sprayed all over Xander.  Also the look on Issac and Garrett’s faces.  So awesome.

Ok…this.  Garrett what the eff is that?!  I love this so much.

The ladies did not have such a great time.  All the biggies attended: Lanya, Liddy, Mollie, Liv, Athena, Seraphina, and Isabella, Staci.  For some reason there was animosity between Mollie and Staci and they got into a slapping fight (wtf?) which then made Xander’s people hate Penny’s people.  Lanya did the crosseyed-pregnancy glare, popped, and went home.  Nobody ate the food and Liddy passed out on the floor.

The party was still a hit though so win?

So Mollie showed up to Penny’s party in this getup.  She’s looking good for a middle aged mom of five!  Although…seriously?  Why that outfit?

Is Penny pleased with this party dancer?

Oh yes.  She likes him very much.

You don’t mind if I stare down your shirt?  I like me some cougar!

Sorry, I needed to see this again.

Next time Penny, Liv, and Mollie hit the big city to shop for wedding dresses and one last crazy night out!

Chapter 3.14

Note from SweetPoyzin: This chapter is a bit short.  You’ll thank me for the brevity when we get to chapters 15 and 16 which will be so picture heavy and full of feels it might break your computer and/or your sanity.  My apologies in advance.

I had been a world renown surgeon for about two weeks which meant I’d been engaged just as long.  Xander and I set a date for the end of summer giving us just three months to get everything in order.

With all this stuff hanging over my head I did what any intrepid young woman would do: I got a makeover and invited my boss to dinner in hopes of a raise.

I played up the fact that I was getting married in a few months, working to send my baby brother to college, and trying to make ends meet.  Most of which is true.  The ends meet more or less depending on how much shopping I –er…Xander– does.

Nobody needs to know that I laced the food with a potion made specifically to force my boss to do my bidding.

Needless to say, my powers of persuasion did the trick and after some steak, angel food cake, and lots of wine I was granted a $57 an hour raise.

It was great timing, too.  Liv, Mom, Granny, and I were headed out venue shopping this weekend and I’d need a hefty chunk of change for a down payment.

Would you believe Xander decided to take my raise to the furniture store and redid the whole living room?

I didn’t think so.

Well someone had to redo it.  It was getting old and boring.

It might as well have been them since they spend their entire lives in there playing video games.  They are totally obsessed with this game where they are chased by llamas.  I have no idea either.

On Saturday I left the boys to their llama battle and met up with the women of the family at Delmar Beach.  I didn’t want the same wedding that Mom and Liv had.  I wanted something new and exciting.  The beach sounded like the perfect place.

Mom and I arrived early and took advantage of the warm weather.  Let’s be honest, the building wasn’t going anywhere and it could wait.

Once Liv arrived she took the helm and kept mom and I in line.  We abandoned our patch of sun and toured the building.

It didn’t take much convincing.  This was it.  I put down the outrageous payment and went to track down Liv who was now taking up my towel on the beach.

“So I need a maid of honor still and you are my twin…so?”

“Like there was ever any doubt?!  Seriously.  I’ve already got the bachelorette party planned for tonight and next weekend you, me, and mom are headed to Bridgeport to find you a wedding dress.”

At that moment I could only think one thing:
I’ve created a maid of honor monster.

Chapter 3.13

Don’t get me wrong: I love being a doctor.  I love the patients and I’m surprisingly good at fixing people.  The hours suck though.  And nights when I’m on call are even worse.

I was called to the hospital late one night after a terrible car accident involving 4 teens.  One of them needed surgery on his brain ASAP.  I rushed to the hospital but it was still too late.  He died on my table.

After telling his parents their only son was dead after a night of what should have been fun I returned home.  I didn’t know what to do with myself.  I couldn’t sleep so I sat on the patio by the fire.

“Hey, baby.  I thought I heard the door open.”

“I’ve been home for about an hour.  I didn’t mean to wake you.”

“When you head off to the hospital I never sleep anyway.  Too worried about you.  And the bed is cold.  Come on, sit by me over here.  Let’s talk about this marriage thing.”

“Xander, let’s just do this.  I know you have the ring.  Just propose.  Please.  I know you’ve wanted to since Love Day.”

I never really thought I was the marrying type.  Honestly, I’m scared shitless of being married.  I don’t want to be “trapped” like my mother was.  I want to travel and work and be me.  I don’t want to be Mrs. Xander Sutton.  I want to be Dr. Penny Hanks.

But I must admit those damn “mommy hormones” start screaming whenever I see Bug and Pickle.  I want that.

“So, you really wanna do this, Penny?  Here in your scrubs and my pajamas at 3 in the morning?”

“You got a better idea?”

“Well, no.  I guess this is more you than a beach on Love Day.”

The look on Xander’s face before he went inside to get the ring was hilarious.  For a man who has proposed to me 5 times in 5 years he looked terrified.

“Nobody is making you do this, Xander.”

“I know, I know.  I just always thought you’d say no.  Christ I wasn’t prepared for yes.”

“Penelope Hanks, will you marry me?”

“I guess that’s be cool.  Yeah let’s get married.”

“SHIT!  I didn’t know you bought a ring that big!  I would have said yes years ago!”

“It’s about damn time, Penelope!”

“Shut up!  Be happy I finally said yes!”

We told Adam about the engagement over breakfast.  He mumbled something that sounded like “congrats” between giant bites of pancake.  Since it was summer before his senior year he’s been taking classes around town to improve his college prep test scores and today he was running late for his science class.

After staying up nearly all night I was in desperate need of coffee before work.  Dumb hours.  Coffee machines brew too slowly when you’re  dead on your feet.

Today wasn’t just important in respect to my engagement but I was also presenting research that would result in my promotion to World Renowned Surgeon — my life’s dream.

Of course my paper was accepted and suddenly everyone in the world knew my name and how awesome I am at brain surgery.

Adam and Xander were home for only a second when I finally made it home.  Adam threw me another hurried congrats before running out the door with Xander, eager to plan a bachelor party.

I celebrated my engagement and promotion alone with a peanut butter and banana sandwich (my favorite).

And then I passed out at 4pm.  I know…I am such a party animal.