Eternally Yours · Generation 3

Chapter 3.10

Note from SweetPoyzin: This chapter takes place a year after Penny had the abortion.  Things need to move along for the sake of my plot…and possibly my sanity (more on that later).

Hey there.  Notice anything different?  Yeah, I grew my hair out, got some new clothes, and decided to grow up a bit.  Hardcore life choices will do that to you I guess.

It was a rough year.  Hardy passed first.

A month later I lost Humberto.

Adam was a champ and buried both of those guys because I totally lost my marbles.  With the stress of the abortion, losing my pets was too much. Even my bird flew out the door one day and never came back. It was getting ridiculous.

Adam is the man of the house but that doesn’t make him totally stoic.

I came home from work one day and he was crying alone in his room.  Theodore Q. Rumplefugly had passed while Adam was at school.  He’d had that little guy since he became a kid.

Even I had to admit 10 years was a long time for a lizard but it didn’t make seeing my baby brother so heartbroken any easier.

I offered to clean the cage on that one but Adam refused.  He pulled himself together and did what was required.

After all that death we tried to get back into some sort of normal routine.  Adam made honor roll and stayed mostly out of trouble.

Well, until we reached Halloween.  He bought this creepy-ass costume and took my car to go trick-or-treating.

That’s right.  My car.  I let him use my car.

He did not come back in my car.  He was caught wreaking havoc all over town.  He egged houses, played ding-dong ditch, and pranked the school.

Let’s just say this night did not end well for him.  Instead of doing after school activities or hanging out with Rory he was put on babysitting duty.

Not like that is a punishment though.  Look at that face.  I figured I might as well continue Mom’s tradition with the toddler portraits.  This hangs in Liv’s kitchen now.

Girl looks just like her Daddy.  She does have some of Liv’s sweetness in her though.  Oddly enough she’s a bit of a spitfire.  I say she gets it from me.  Mom says that it is all Granny Lydia.

Speaking of Liv…We are all eagerly awaiting the birth of Pickle.  That’s right.  Pickle.  According to the ultrasound she and Mike are having a boy and they plan to name him Dylan.

Dill pickles.  It was too easy.

As for my romantic life I tried online dating for a while.  I just wasn’t ready to call Xander “The One” officially.

Then I browsed the profiles.  I saw Mike Hepworth, Oliver Lox, and Garrett Hanks along with various other men I’ve seen around town…with their wives.  Been there done that.

Xander did not have a profile and I knew he wasn’t dating anyone so I figured we could at least have dinner again.

I got a little drunk.  Well, a lot drunk.  He totally took advantage of that.

I woke up the next morning and all of his shit was living in my house.

Needless to say, I’ve got a new roommate.

7 thoughts on “Chapter 3.10

  1. Penny looks traumatized after seeing those dating profiles lmao.
    Dill Pickles XD. Now I want to watch the Rugrats!
    What’s wrong with your sanity? Maybe you shouldn’t have any. It can be fun that way… 😛

    1. Seriously, what is with the online dating! Everybody is either married or related to her. I was like, “Yeah, that’s an appropriate face.”

      Dylan has entered the world and will make his legacy debut next week. That kid has stolen my heart. Bug and Pickle are like my own grandbabies. Oh yeah, I’m way into this legacy.

      Like you I plan my plot lines out months in advance. Now that I am actually writing them I’m like, “Ugh. WTF was I thinking.” I’ve known what was going to happen to Penny and Liv since June 2013. Now that they are all grown up I see them and think, “My babies are leaving the nest” and it makes me a little neurotic.

    1. See what happened was…

      Really though, I had tried to get Xander to move in before but the stupid option never popped up. Then she gets super juiced and there it is. I’m like…I see how you roll, EA. I was past wanting him to move in but then it was amusing to me so…

  2. (I had to start a new comment, because I couldn’t find a way to reply to what you said. Sorry LOL)

    Yeah, I’ve noticed that :S Sims are sluts and cheat on each other it seems XD.

    Awwww, cute! 😀 It’s good to be into it though =)

    I scrap some storylines later on if I don’t like them haha. Wow, June! Maybe you can tweak stuff? LOL Yeah…it’s hard at times. I miss mine being little and now they’re getting to be elders and I legit almost cry. We’re all normal! XD

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