Eternally Yours · Generation 3

Chapter 3.3

Good news: I made it to China which means I did not get arrested for my antics in Egypt.

More good news: I get to sleep in a bed now!

China is incredible.  I keep saying that but compared to the everyday-ness of Starlight Shores this is amazing.

I decided to take it easy again my first day in China.  I went to the shops and stocked up on goodies to take home.

Of course I got tons of stuff for Bug.  I’d be a terrible Aunt if I didn’t spoil her.

I spent most of my first three days training in Martial Arts.  I quickly learned I am disciplined and I excelled to Black Belt almost immediately,

Word got around that there was a newcomer in the area.  Some woman called me on the phone and told me I needed to spar with some locals to prove myself worthy of the belt.

I lost but I still got to keep the belt.

The last part of my trip was fairly uneventful.  I spent most of my time visiting the sights.  The Terracotta Warriors were by far my favorite.  There was supposedly 7000 of these guys when they were dedicated to the first emperor of China!  And they were all different!  That is discipline right there!

Of course I stopped to check out the Great Wall, too.  How could you not?!

My favorite was just the everyday beauty of China.  Not the grand monuments but the subtle quiet and tranquility of the area.

My last night there I slept in the old Warrior barracks.  It was very peaceful and left me feeling more determined than ever.

So determined thought I could spar with this elderly guy.

He totally put me in my place.  Never spar with old men.  Looks can be deceiving.

After getting by ass whooped I went exploring for relics.  I found some nice vases but that was about it.  No mummies here.

I finally took a moment to slow down and relax by the pool.  It didn’t last long because I find I can never sit still.  I love exploring.

So I tried to read a book on local mythology.

I gave that up too and went fishing.  I’d never fished before but Xander is a master angler so I thought I’d give it a whirl.  I caught the biggest fish EVER.  Well, at least the biggest fish I’d ever seen.

While I was fishing some local children ran by and I realized I really missed Bug and the hustle and bustle of everyday life back home.  Eh, France is coming up and I’m sure I’ll forget about home soon enough!

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