Eternally Yours · Generation 3

Chapter 3.2

Holy crap!  I made it to Egypt!

Seriously beautiful here.  It’s just what I needed to escape from reality.

Everything is so lush right next to the Nile.  Contrasting with the surround desert it is an amazing landscape.

My accommodations aren’t really what I am used to…I mean I’m not really a tent kinda girl but I can adapt I guess.

I decided to take it easy on my first day in Egypt.  To be honest I was still pretty jet-lagged.  I spent the whole day shopping in the market square.  I bought cook books for mom, local authors for Dad, fishing books for Adam and Xander, and trinkets for everyone else.

I also took in the sights and learned what passes for fun if you are a local.  Some folks even taught me some songs.

That evening I went to the Temple of Hatshepsut.  I learned about it years ago in elementary school and to be standing there at night was stunning!

The next day I spent the whole day exploring the Great Pyramids.  Sleeping on the ground in a tent is rough work so I woke up a little bit late and almost missed the tour group.

While the tour guide was explaining how the tomb mysteriously sealed itself up years ago and nobody has been able to open it I may have accidentally figured out how to open the tomb.  BONUS TOUR.

I also may have wandered away from the tour group to explore on my own.

Being in the Great Pyramids exploring was incredible.  Yes, I could have been arrested but I seriously have some sort of magic touch…the doors just opened in my presence.

I also snagged some plants from inside the tomb.  I’ve never been one to pass on free food.

Liv would not have lasted a day in here.  Yeah, she does get puked on and occasionally pooped on but there were BUGS on my arm.  Thank goodness I’m brave or that would have turned out in a screaming, flailing, Oops I died kinda mess.

Oh, and I made a friend.  He did try to kill me but in his defense he hasn’t seen another human in like 4,000 years.  I’m sure it was like a bad surprise party.

“SURPRISE!  You’re dead and I accidentally desecrated your grave!”

Nobody enjoys that kinda party.

I also found a part-time job while I was in Egypt.  I was hired by a resistance group and I had to break into a huge government complex, sneak into the basement and hack a computer.

You know…normal vacation type events.

2 thoughts on “Chapter 3.2

  1. I love love love WA EP! ❤ I've pretty much explored China and even build a vacation home there, but I miss playing in Egypt so much! I believe Penny had lots of fun doing some serious tomb raiding and mummy fighting. Also the pictures of Egypt are also very beautiful! Great chapter! 😉

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