Penny’s Diary — Year 2

Note from SweetPoyzin: So the uptick in readers is good and bad.  It totally ate up ALL the bandwidth on my personal Photobucket page.  So for those of you trying to read the old posts without photos…hang tight!  That bandwidth will rollover on February 5th!  Thanks again!

Dear Diary,

It snowed when I left for college.  Alone.  I mean, Xander was there but this was the first time I ever did anything without Olivia.  To say I was scared doesn’t even begin to cover things.

Xander and I downsized for our final year.  Plus without the two extra scholarships that were Liv and Mike we totally could not afford the big house.  I’ll miss that bar.

Did I mention this house is also ugly?  Well, that’s probably why it’s so cheap.

I totally tossed the desks.  Like we’re actually going to study…sheesh.

My first day of classes totally sucked!  It was one thing going to class in the dark and getting home in the dark when Liv was here.  Doing it alone…not so awesome.

I did learn how to cook though.  Without Liv to be all mothery and do the housework I had to grow up a little bit.  I might be the older twin but I am sooo the less prepared twin.

Being totally broke meant that I had to spend a lot more time foraging for food.  No more pizza nights and trips to the grocery store for us!

Seriously…I spent a lot of time foraging.  Thank goodness the campus was full of wild plants!

I may have tired to fill Liv’s place by collecting pets.

I kinda went a little overboard.  I now have seven groups of fireflies.

A chameleon named Leon…

This guy is Humberto…

And finally this one is Sheldon.  I’m sure that I was really collecting them for Adam and Lucy as pets.  I was totally not thinking about keeping them.  Nope.

Oh my god…I’m the crazy reptile lady.  Crap.

So they gave me a degree.  I’m Dr. Penelope Hanks now.  How cool is that shit?  I may have only gotten C’s so I’ll only be an average brain surgeon but nobody has to know that, right?

Anyways, I gotta get my stuff packed.  I’m heading home tomorrow for Liv’s wedding!

Can you believe that?  Totally going to be separate people tomorrow.  I’ll be Penny Hanks and she’ll be Olivia Hepworth.


Love Always,