So…I am tempted to go on hiatus.

I know, I know, WHAT AM I THINKING!?

All I wanted to do for months was get to Penny’s chapters and now that I am ready…I want a break.

Classes are starting and I have precious little time to play.  When I do play I find myself following my story line but forgetting to take photos.  My Prologue for Penny is ALL OVER THE PLACE.  It’s bad.  Also I’ve had Dragon Valley, Midnight Hollow, and Island Paradise FOREVER and I haven’t even played any of them.

You may have also noticed the whole Photobucket Bandwidth photo…that will turn over soon.  Sorry!

And I’m kind bored.

So, Questions:

  1. If I ran off for a month or so would you all be horribly disappointed?
  2. Do you want the Prologue (it’s ready) now or when I come back?
  3. Are you bored with this legacy or are you happy with it?
  4. How can I make it better?

I seriously love all of my readers and thank you forever and ever for reading and commenting.

4 Comments on “Update/Halp!

  1. Here’s the thing. You’re writing this blog presumably because you want to do it. When you no longer feel like doing it, it’s OK to stop. That’s always up to you.

    1. If you run off for a month and then come back and feel like you want to start Penny’s generation, I’d love to read it!
    2. I’d rather read the Prologue when you’re ready to continue the story. In a month, I can forget a lot.
    3. I love this legacy. You’re a terrific writer! 😀
    4. Honestly, just keep doing what you’re doing. Penny’s been my favorite character you’ve written so far. I’m sure her generation will be lots of fun. I love your sense of humor!

  2. 1. If I ran off for a month or so would you all be horribly disappointed?

    Yes and no. I’d miss you and the story, but if you’re not having fun, then I’d feel guilty enjoying a story that you’re not excited about yourself.

    2.Do you want the Prologue (it’s ready) now or when I come back?

    Whenever you’re excited for it.

    3.Are you bored with this legacy or are you happy with it?
    I’m not bored with it all! However, your readers will be able to sense you’re getting bored pretty soon.

    4. How can I make it better?
    I always say this and repeat myself constantly, but it’s ALL about you and your passion for the story. Think of each character, stop thinking of them as a sim for a moment, and consider them a character. Now do you think your characters are living the lives they want to live? If not change it! Fuck rules for a while if you have to, at the end of the day it’s your story, your game, etc. Just do your best to bring whatever you’re picturing in your head to life. And if you’re still not passionate about them, add new characters. If you make your own sims, don’t go generic, don’t be afraid of ugly! Just make it fun 🙂

    • Momo, I love you! This is just what I needed to hear!

      Gen 3 was going to get messy and I was worried about if readers would go for that…imma do this!

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