Eternally Yours · Generation 2

Chapter 2.40

Note from SweetPoyzin: This is the final post for Generation Two.  Thank you for sticking with me for so long.  I have loved writing this story and I hope you have enjoyed reading it.

“Are you going to stare into that mirror all morning, Penny?”  Liv asked while rolling her eyes.

“I think I just died a little inside.  I cannot believe mom is making us all wear matching pajamas this Christmas.”

“Just smile and act like you love them.  You can burn them tomorrow.  I’m going downstairs.”

“Mom did a wonderful job on the tree this year.  Can you believe we are adults now Penny?”

“No, but I can believe I might die if I have to wear this when Xander comes over to have his chat with Dad.”

“Hey…why don’t we have a Girl’s Day out later today?  Like when Dad is giving Xander the third degree?  We could go to the spa and stuff?  Chat and whatnot…”

“That sounds wonderful!  We can go to that new spa down by the beach!  I think that’s where mom got her makeover.  And they have the cutest little cafe inside.  It would be great to get my mind off the whole Xander and Dad thing…this is perfect!”

“I thought I heard some girls chattering down here.  I thought Adam and Lucy would be the first ones up but apparently I was wrong.”

“We were just admiring these wonderful Christmas uniforms you purchased, Mom.”

Penny has an answer for everything it seems.  She always has.

Finally the younger kids got up and everyone gathered around the tree to open gifts.  We usually didn’t do a big Christmas thing with just the family but this was potentially our last year together.  It was nice to just sit there with my eyes closed listening to the magic of Christmas going on around me.

I made French Toast for Christmas breakfast and we all sat around the table talking and eating.  My kitchen table was finally full!  This is the table I always wanted.  When I finally had enough children to fill the chairs, two left for college.  So today was prefect!

Miss Lucy was not excited about her French Toast.  She knocked it off her chair and made a huge mess.  Adam was not excited about this since it was his weekend to clean the kitchen.

After breakfast Penny stopped me in the hallway with a look of concern on her face.

“Momma, Liv and I are going to the spa while you and dad interrogate Xander.  Ok bye!”

“You mean, you don’t want me to come with you?”

“Well we were kinda hoping for a girl’s day at the spa…you know how it is…”

“I’m just kidding!  I’d much rather traumatize your new boyfriend…I mean friend.”

Hopefully that would give her something to ponder while she was out with her sister.  I ran upstairs to shower and get dressed because our guest of honor would be here soon.

I heard the doorbell ring and ran downstairs to greet Xander.  He had been to the party yesterday but I didn’t get a chance to talk to him.  I opened the door and was a bit floored by the man I saw.  He was attractive enough but I couldn’t help thinking “look what the cat dragged in…”  I think it was the ripped clothes.

“Child, get in here before you freeze!  Where is your coat?  Garrett is in the  family room at the end of the hall.  He’s looking forward to meeting you.  I’ve got to get the coffee and cookies.”

“Ugh, nice to meet you, Mrs. Hanks…”

“I’m not the one you need to worry about impressing, kiddo,” I said with a wink.

“Hello, sir.”

“So, what is your interest in my daughter.  Please, have a seat next to me…”

“I can’t do this.  I’m Garrett.  I’m really not a badass but I do love my daughter.  Don’t mess with her or I’ll find someone to mess you up because I’m not that kinda guy.  Tell me about yourself, young man.”

After I had come back with the coffee (a couple of rugrats ate the cookies and blamed it on Santa) Xander told us about his life.  He was born in Sunlit Tides but had lived in Appaloosa Plains, Sunset Valley, and now here.  He has an older sister named Athena who is married with one step-daughter.  His twin sisters are now teens and attend boarding school.

Xander told us he had to move so often due to his father’s career as a DNA Profiler with the FBI and his cases sometimes put them in danger.  Now that his parents are divorced his father has taken a nice, safe desk job so he can be around for the twins.

“Ok, what I really meant to ask but you were unable or unwilling to read my mind: Are you interested in marrying my daughter?  Are ya’ll just friends?  What are your intentions here?”

“Honestly, I don’t know, sir.”

“I really do like her.  Probably love her.  She’s so darn independent though that I don’t know where she is at.”

“Fair enough.  I like you.  However I will kick your ass if I have to…try not to make me do that.”

With that our meeting was over and Xander quickly left (It is possible he even ran for the door).

“Oh my gosh, Penny, I am starving!  The pastries here look amazing.  Grab a table I’ll snag the food.”

“Hey, so now that we are finished eating let’s grab a seat in the sauna upstairs so we can talk.”

Penny laughed, “You are really on a mission to chat today, Liv.  Alright, I’ll humor you.”

“So whatever shall we talk about, Olivia?”

“I’m pregnant, Penny.”

“Say something…seriously.”

“Penelope?  Is anyone in there?”

“Are you fucking serious, Olivia?  PREGNANT?  What the heck!?  We still have a year of college left.  Does Mike know?  What about mom and dad?  I CANNOT BELIEVE YOU!”

“I know, honey.  It wasn’t planned.  Mike knows.  Mom and Dad not so much.  Please, please, please try to understand.  I need you on my side…you’re my twin.”

Penny sighed and tried to control her anger.  “Ok…just…just gimme a minute.”

“Alright, so when are you due?”

“May, after graduation.  But, Penny, we decided not to go back to school.  Mike is going to finish his degree online and I just want to stay home with the baby.”

We didn’t decide anything, Olivia.  There is no WE anymore.  Now it’s you, Mike, and Baby Hepworth.  It’s the loss of my twin sister that sucks more than the baby!”

“Penny, you aren’t losing me.  You are gaining a niece…”

“A niece?”

“Alright, so imma let you have this baby.  And I’m going to be the super fun aunt who let’s her get away with EVERYTHING and I’m going to load her up with candy every.single.time she gets to hang out with me.  Which will be all the time just in case you were wondering.”

“Perfect!  I wouldn’t have it any other way!  I also need you to help decorate her room.  Now you better hug me and pretend you love me.  And don’t you dare tell mom and dad!”

“I’m your twin, Olivia.  I’ll keep whatever secrets you have.”

And with that…we head into Generation Three.

11 thoughts on “Chapter 2.40

  1. “Alright, so imma let you have this baby” lmfao I love Penelope. BUT OMG WATER YOU DOIN GIRL?! She’s so young, but I’m excited to see the baby! Wonder how Mollie will react :O Wonderful ending! *applause*

    1. Sorry about Liv! I was so tired of day-to-day that started in Gen 1 and went on almost ALL of Gen 2. I needed some spice!

      Glad you loved the chapter! Thanks for sticking around so long!

  2. Things that make me smile –> matching PJ’s, Garrett pretending to be a badass, rugrats eating the cookies & blaming Santa, the more sensible(?) twin getting pregnant, and Penny getting to be the super cool aunt! 😀

  3. This was such a lovely chapter! Matching pajamas, aww ❤

    So now Xander and Garrett are finally done with the 'weird' talk. I still remember when Garret came to ask Victor for Mollie's hand. Liv is going to be a mom! Who would have guessed after all the baby talk at the uni 😀 I'm sure Penny will be the most awesome aunt! Off to the next generation! Can't wait!!!

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