Eternally Yours


Ok…So things are about ready to get rolling with the new posts.

Here’s the updated To-Do List:

  • Remodel the office into Penny and Liv’s teen paradise (DONE!)
  • Remodel Baby Adam’s Room into Office (DONE!)
  • Age up Penny and Liv to YA. (DONE!)
  • Attend University (again)
  • Remodel Teen Penny’s room in to Child Adam’s room (DONE!)
  • Remodel Teen Liv’s room into Toddler Lucy’s room (DONE!)
  • Age Adam into a child
  • Mollie gives birth to Lucy (DONE!)
  • Rebuild Mollie’s Art Shop (this is going in a different direction because I don’t want to do that shit again)
  • Remodel Town (DONE!)
  • Have Mollie take all of the adorable in-game photos (DONE! and then some!)
  • Find Suttons (they randomly vanished during the restore)

I still have no idea what happened to the Suttons.  I will find them though.  Isaac might be a top police official but he cannot hide from me!

Also, I am super excited to share the new photos with you.  Mollie out did herself with the camera.  And thanks to the hard drive crash Penny also had some time to learn photography so there are some über cute in-game photos of Mollie, Garrett, and new baby Lucy.

I hope you are looking forward to the new posts as much as I am!  Soon…very soon.

Also: Toddler Bed.  OMG.

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