Eternally Yours


So this weekend I had a great time in game.

  • Penny and Liv went off to University.
  • Adam aged up to child and had a huge party.
  • Mollie got some great shots of the kids with the new poses I downloaded for Pose Player.
  • I built houses for Penny and Liv.
  • Mollie prepared for Lucy’s birthday and her own.
  • Garrett sent Mollie off for a makeover and spa day.
  • I downloaded some new mods and updated my old ones.

Overall it was a super productive sim weekend.

Yesterday, my hard drive died.  Fortunately, I made a full game back up.  Unfortunately, I made it in September.  I also have an old copy of my hard drive so at least I only have to download 2 EPs, 1 SP, the new updates for games and mods, and my new store content.

It’s finals week and I have 3 exams and 2 papers due.  The downloading and reinstalling is going to kick my ass.  Also, I don’t know exactly where my save backups leave off.  I know the girls are still teens so I have to deal with aging them up.  They will have to repeat Uni and that’s not awful.

My main concern is Adam and Lucy.  Adam I can re-adopt and edit.  No biggie.  However, if Lucy isn’t there…well she might make a sad exit from the game.  With Mollie fading out I just don’t want to put 200% into repeating her past.

Also, there will be some continuity issues when it comes to the story.  People might not look 100% the same.  However, I know you will forgive some issues because my readers are awesome.

Sorry for the delay of game.  We will be back to our regularly scheduled updates sometime in mid December.

I hope to see you then!

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