Chapter 2.37

Note from SweetPoyzin: I really loved hearing from Garrett before and it seems like you all did, too.  Mollie’s birthday post is coming from Garrett’s POV.  Weird, I know.  However, I adore Garrett way more than any of my Gen 3 guys so I’m going to ride this high for another post!  Also it is super photo heavy.  Sorry!

Lucy woke us up the morning of Mollie’s birthday.  Lil’ Bit didn’t care that mommy wanted to sleep in, kiddo was ready for the day.

“Hey, before you run off, I wanted to give you one of your birthday presents.”

“Oh, why can’t we just forget the whole day, Gar?”

“Well, hear me out.  Since you’ve done such a wonderful job of losing all that baby weight I thought I would send you on a trip to the spa.  You can get a makeover, new wardrobe, massage, whatever you want!”

“Is…is that a bad gift?  I don’t mean to say you look bad now or before but I just thought you might–”

“It’s wonderful!  I’ve never been to the spa!  I can’t wait!  I know just what I want!”

“There’s baby food already in the fridge.  Adam likes waffles or pancakes for breakfast.  The bus comes at 7 so have him ready.  I have to go!”

I told Mollie to meet me at her favorite cafe for lunch and she was off.  Good thing, too!  I still had so much work to do for her birthday!

After Mollie left I called in sick to work (I’ve been doing that a lot lately).  Then I got Lucy up and ready and I fed both the kids.  I was feeling pretty awesome about my fathering abilities.  I caught Adam as he was heading out to school.

“Hey, how would you feel about a sick day today?”

“This seems like a recipe for getting in trouble.  Why, Dad?”

“Well, I’ve got a lot of things to do for your Mommy’s birthday and I could use some help.  Are you up for it?”

“Am I gonna get in trouble?”

“Of course not, Nugget.  I will.”

I had to drag a ton of stuff out of the attic and into the greenhouse.  All the plants had died because…well we aren’t gardeners and we had four kids.  So I was going to turn it into a party house/photo studio for Mollie.  With the kids getting older I thought she might want a place to work should she ever decide to go back into business.

And being the awesome kid that he is, Adam kept Lucy entertained while I worked on some new wine for the party.  Before long it was time to rush off to lunch.  Things still weren’t perfect but I needed to show Mollie the biggest and best part of her gift.

I picked her up at the spa and was floored by her makeover.  She looked 20 years younger.  Not that she ever looked old.  Wow, I should not speak.

We went to Mollie’s favorite little Bistro and sat at “our” table.  This was the place where we decided to bring Adam into our family.  This same restaurant was the place we brought our daughter before sending her out into the world.  So many memories happened in this place.

“So, your party starts in a couple of hours and I still have one more gift for you.  Shall we head out?  It might take a while…”

“Oh my…what kind of gift is this?”

“Not that kind.  That is later.  This one is just down the road.”

We hopped in the car and not even five-minutes later we were at our final destination.

“Garrett, I really appreciate you bringing me to the Art Museum but I don’t think there is time to look around right now.  The party starts –”

“Mollie, honey, this is YOUR art museum, cafe, and gift shop.  I bought it for you.  Happy birthday.”

“How the FU–heck–did you afford to buy a whole museum!?  We’ve been selling off our stuff just to get the twins through college and the younger kids birthday gifts.  Hell, Christmas is coming up.  How are we going to buy gifts now!?  How did you afford this place?!”

“I sold the boat.”

“Garrett…we don’t own a boat.”

“No, no we definitely don’t own a boat.”

I may have forgotten to tell Mollie we owned a boat.  More specifically I owned a boat.  However, now neither of us own a boat and she has an art gallery.  Perhaps she will forget.

“Well, it’s about 2:30 now and you know how your mother is always early to parties.  I bet she is at our house right now.  Let’s go home and tomorrow we can bring your photos and get this place ready to go.”

“And while we are doing that perhaps you could tell me about this boat?”

I think I might need to work tomorrow…

I was wrong about Mollie’s mother being early.  She and Victor arrived a bit later and with a surprise in tow.

“Mrs. Lox, I think we should visit more often!  When is my new brother or sister-in-law due?”

“Any day now it seems.  And, Garrett, you’ve been married to my daughter for nearly 20 years.  I’m pretty sure you can call me Liddy.”

“Oh I’m pretty sure I can’t, Mrs. Lox.  Come on inside, you two.  It’s getting cold out!”

Before we could get inside though, Mollie came looking for me.

“Garrett where the heck are you?  The doorbell rang 15 minutes ago!  Holy shit…”

“Wow, Mom.”

“So aren’t you out of rhyming names yet?”

“Actually we were thinking Golly or Jolly.  He’d fit right in!”

“Oh, you forgot to tell me you were birthing an elf.  Does dad know?”

“Oh jeez, Mollie.  Really though the only name left was Polly and your father vetoed that so this kid gets a boring name.  Come on, I want some birthday cake.  Don’t you have some aging to do or something?”

With Liddy’s prompting Mollie went a blew out her candles.  Vic and Liddy got the seat of honor next to the birthday girl.  I mean, she is their daughter after all.

After the candles Mollie disappeared.  She didn’t even have any cake.  I had a feeling she might be having a midlife crisis moment and I went to track her down.

She was cleaning the house.  I knew then it was bad.

When I found her she was scrubbing Cueball’s cage.  I was concerned she might scrub right through the glass.

“Sweetie…is now the best time to be cleaning?  What’s up?”

“HAVE YOU SEEN ME?  Gar, I have wrinkles!  And saggy boobs!  I’m hideous!”

“Sweetie, everyone is done with cake.  How about I kick them out and I’ll show you just how beautiful I think you are.  And then tomorrow we’ll go and work on the shop?”

“Fine.  And you’ll tell me about this boat.  Oh, and you’ll also tutor Adam since you pulled him from class today.”

Only two weeks until the girls got home and I was going to need to kiss ass all 14 days.  I just knew it.

Olivia’s Letter Home — Year 1

Hi Guys!

I love our house here!  Of course I am the neat freak and I’m doing ALL the housework.  My room is impeccably clean!

OMG.  There is so much laundry!  They never do their clothes!  I’m so sorry if I was a slob, Mom.  Wtf was wrong with me?!

I learned to cook!  I was seriously getting tired of pizza, soda, and candy bars so I took a class!  I can only make mac and cheese but it is really darn yummy!

We have a “family” dinner night on Thursday.  We all get done with class early so we sit around and eat mac and cheese.  Sometimes Penny’s friend Xander joins us.  He seems nice.  No, Dad, they aren’t a thing.

I’m working really hard in my art classes.  I was struggling for a while.  You guys know school isn’t really my thing but I’m having a great time.

The drawing classes are my favorite.  Maybe one day I will the next Michelangelo!

Mike has been helping with my drawing classes, too.  He keeps it fun.

I have some room for improvement when it comes to human portraits…

Well, it’s Friday night which means Penny, Mike, and I have a study group.

I’ll see you guys soon!  Only a couple of weeks until break!


Chapter 2.36

It’s that time of year when I wonder why I bother to put my dining room back together.  After Adam’s birthday comes Feast Day, then Lucy’s birthday, then mine, then Snowflake Day.  All of the holiday parties are at my house, of course.

This year I decided to throw one big Feast Day/Birthday Combo party.  If anyone wanted to complain about it they could have the Feast Day party at their house!

My brother took the family photos.  His professional photography business would give me a run for my money!

I had never made a Stuffed Turkey before so I read up how to do it while watching some celebrity chef make one on the cooking channel.  Adam wanted to help with the cooking this year so he hung out with me.

I spent the morning baking like some sort of crazy woman.  Garrett kept trying to sneak bites of my pies and salads so I finally threatened him with my butcher’s knife and he ran off to play with Lucy.

Since Adam was showing such a desire to bake we bought him a toy oven to practice with.  He honestly loved it and I had a blast baking with him for Feast Day.

Of course it was my baby’s birthday, too!  I love her and all but I’ve never been a baby person.  At least toddler’s sleep…sometimes.  I was not really going to miss this baby stage and I can say with full certainty that she is our last.  I know Garrett wants another boy but he’s going to have to quit his job if he ever wants to try that mess again!

Adam has also really taken a liking to building.  By building I mean destroying buildings.  It doesn’t matter if they are blocks, sand, or dollhouses.  I will have to watch him when Lucy starts getting into dolls!

I’d like to say that I was finished baking by the time everyone started arriving.  Layna showed up first with Lotus and Luka.  Poor Louis had the flu so he was staying with her parents so Ollie could visit as well.

Lotus is the spitting image of her mother!

And Luka could be my brother 25 years ago!

My brother is getting older, too!  Hard to believe he is 35 when I watch him playing video games with my husband.  And to think I’ll be 40 in a week!

I was still panicking about food when my mother arrived.  She proceeded to show me that I was too pent up by dancing around my kitchen while screaming “YOLO”.

We did have plenty of food.  Not only did everyone bring something but we also had birthday cake.

Miss Lucy’s birthday was incredible.  I have no idea where that stunning red hair came from but my Dad says his mother had the most beautiful curly red hair this side of heaven.

After dinner I was still trying to get people to eat the two tons of food I made.  My father politely declined.  Colleen also said no because she had other houses to visit.  She would not give up the name of boy.  And Holly ignored me the way kid sisters tend to do.

Everyone did their own thing after dinner.  It was fun watching Oliver interact with his son.  Mom even got in on the sandbox action!

Adam thought the best time to try and sell his goodies was after a big Feast Day meal.  He looked so proud of himself that his aunts, grandma, and I took pity on him.  Kid made out like a bandit!

Lucy got covered in cake so after a quick bath she settled in to play with Lotus.  Those two are going to be thick as thieves…and heart breakers, too!

It was about 11pm by the time I finally got everyone cleared out.  I’d been waiting all day to get the final shot for my collage.  Now it feels complete.

I took Lucy upstairs and tucked her into her big girl beg for the first time.  She was a bit nervous but settled in after a short time.

When I knew she was asleep I went into the computer room to read Olivia’s latest email.

Penny’s Letter Home — Year 1

Dear Mom and Dad,

OMG!  We made it to college!  It was a long drive but the house is totally bitchin’ awesome!

There’s some early snow on the ground here.  Can you believe it is only October but there is snow already?!  It’s gonna be a long semester!

There was a college-wide get together the first week and Olivia and I had a blast.  People totally don’t believe we are twins!  They don’t know we are witches either so the professors better not fail us!  HAHA!

Our house has two bedrooms.  Olivia and Mike have the smaller room.  I took the big one for myself!  It’s ok…they like “cozy.”  Ick.  Don’t worry, Dad, I’m keeping an eye on the lovebirds.  No funny business!

Olivia and I have a super early class.  It’s dark when we leave…

..and dark when we get home.  I have classes ALL DAY on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday!  From 8am to 6pm!  Jeez you’d think they’d want us to learn or something!

We are eating pretty well.  Of course I spend so much time in class that sometimes we have to order pizza.

Classes are going really well!  I’m getting A’s in EVERYTHING.  They said Medical School would be hard but whatever.

I had to give a presentation in one of my classes!  It was great.  I totally rocked it.

Olivia and the professor were the only ones to show up but I kicked ass anyway!

OMG you guys!  Olivia is getting really great at drawing!  She was awesome to begin with but now she is even better!  She is really dedicated.

We found this AWESOME bakery just down the road from our house.  They have the BEST brownies.  No, Dad, they are not THOSE kinds of brownies.  I know what you were thinking.

Oh, by the way, I met a boy.  No, Dad, it’s not serious.  I am bringing him home for Winter Break.  NOT BECAUSE IT IS SERIOUS.  Sheesh.  He’s from Starlight Shores…sorta.  He’s really from Sunset Valley but was born in Sunlit Tides.  So his family is new to our area and I’m going to show him around.  GET YOUR HEAD OUT OF THE GUTTER, DAD.

We’re just friends.

I gotta run!  Class and all the jazz!  See you over break!

Love Always,

Chapter 2.35

Note from SweetPoyzin: This chapter is from Garrett’s POV.  I always regretted Victor not having his say in Generation One.  Well, we’re coming to the end of Generation Two and Garrett is in the same position.  So now, on the eve of Adam’s birthday, it’s Garrett’s turn to speak.

A Second Note from SweetPoyzin: My game hates Adam.  More specifically it hates his birthday.  My hard drive crashed after aging him up to a child the first time.  The second time my mouse stopped working and the party guests went home unhappy (I was lucky to save).  This third time Adam was unable to use the birthday cake no matter where I placed it.  Regardless Adam aged up but there is a weird blank spot where the whole cake thing should be.  Sorry.  Let’s hope this is the last catastrophe.

I’m not really a sentimental man.  I don’t get weepy and I don’t always think deep thoughts about life and whatnot.  Lately, though, we’ve been redecorating the house with some old photos we found in the attic.

My kids…well they aren’t little kids anymore.

Adam, my only other source of testosterone in this house, is growing up today.  He’s gonna be a kid!  It’s going to be great.  We’ll play football and soccer.  We’ll go boating and fishing!

First we have to get him out of his baby sister’s room.  We’ve been remodeling his nursery into a “big boy room” and so he’s been hanging out with Lucy.

Since my son doesn’t have a birthday everyday, I called work and told them I wouldn’t be coming in today.  I’m spending the day with my family!

Adam was wide awake when I went in to grab him.  He looked happy as usual.  This kid is awesome when it comes to being happy and laid back.

“Hey, Monster!  Are you ready for your birthday today?”

“Yes.  But Daddy…Will there be cookies?”

The serious look on his face and the worry in his voice made me burst out laughing.

“Cookies, you ask?  I think there will be cookies.  But first there will be RASPBERRIES!”


Adam’s giggle fills my heart until I think it will burst.  We really lucked out on the adoption front.  And to think…I wanted to say no.  I thought life was complete with just my girls but Adam and Lucy?  They were the parts I never knew were missing.

“Come on, nugget.  Let’s get you dressed and then you go play!”

While I was cleaning up the play room I heard giggles from the kitchen.

That could only mean trouble for Mollie.

“Mama…are those cookies for me?”

“They won’t be for anyone if you don’t let me finish making them, Cookie Monster!”

“Come on, Champ.  Let’s get out of Mommy’s hair.  Grab some toys and we’ll bury them in the sandbox!”


“You know, Adam, your sisters and I used to play out here, too!”

“They don’t love me anymores.”

“Why do you think that, Nugget?”

“They leaved.  Theys didn’t get me a birthday present either.  I got them presents from my own toy box.  But theys forgot about me.”

“Come here, Nugget.  They didn’t forget you.  They grew up and they have their own lives.  One day you will grow up, too.  You’ll forget about your old man and have your own life.”

“I’ll never forget you, Daddy!  And I’ll always give you lots of presents!”

While Mollie played with Adam in the front yard I ran inside and changed the name on some of the presents.  I know Penny and Liv love their baby brother.  I just wanted to make sure he knows that, too.

I’ll write an email to the girls to let them know they bought their brother that robot action figure he wanted so badly.

While we waited for the guests to arrive, Mollie, Adam, and I sat on the front porch making bad jokes to each other.

“Adam…Why do firemen wear red suspenders?”

“I dunno, Daddy…why?”

“To hold their pants up!”

“Oh, jeez, Garrett…that was terrible!”

Mollie has never been a fan of my bad jokes.  Adam’s giggle whenever I tell one is winning her over though.

Adam’s eyes lit up when he realized the gifts were for him.  I had to keep holding him back from the gift table and finally Mollie and I decided to distract him with cake.  It was, of course, his birthday cake but the guests didn’t mind.  After all, Grammy Liddy and Gramps Vic have been there done that with the toddler scene!

After the party Mollie and Liddy were cleaning up and I snagged Adam.

“Hey, Nugget!  I want you to see this.”

“Dad, that’s Lucy.  I’ve seen her.  Did I mention I’ve also smelled her?”

“She’s your baby sister, Nugget.  See how small she is?  When I’m gone I want you to always look out for her and protect her, okay?”

“Uh, sure Dad.  Are you feeling ok?”

“Just fine, son. Just fine.  Come on…I’ve got another surprise for you!”

“Wanna see your new big boy room!”


Adam was totally taken aback.  I’d like to say I had a part in this but it was all Mollie and Victor.   He built all the furniture and painted while Mollie thought up the whole design.

“OH WOW!  This is so COOL!  OH MY GOSH!  Is that…”

We aren’t really dog people.  Or cat people.  But we thought it was important for a kid to have a pet.  So we got him a gecko.

“Hey there, friend.”

“What are you going to name him, Nugget?”

“His name is Theodore Q. Rumplefugly.”

“Wow!  That’s quite a name, kiddo.  Should we call him Rumple for short?”

“Ugh…Dad.  His friends call him Cue Ball…because he’s bald.  Jeez.”

I was impressed with the creativity Adam possessed.  I have so many hopes for him but as long as he is happy I’ll be okay with whatever he chooses.

“Alright, say goodnight to Cue Ball.  It’s time for bed!”

“NO!  Daddy, it’s my birthday!”

“Tough cookies.  Get your pajamas on, kiddo.  If you hurry I’ll read you a bedtime story!”

And by bedtime story, I meant Science textbook.  It’s never too early to get a jump-start on knowledge.

He loved it.  That’s my boy!

For not being sleepy the kid conked out pretty fast.  It had been a big day for everyone.  I cannot believe this little guy is a kid.  He’s been part of our lives for five years already!

“Goodnight, Nugget.”  I whispered good thoughts in his ear in hopes he wouldn’t have nightmares.  After watching him breathe for several minutes I snuck out of his room to go find Mollie.

She was downstairs watching old home movies.  On the TV table she had placed a new photo.

“Damn, I forgot I had an earring back in the day.  Shit, Mol, we’re getting old.”

“Not that old though!  I’m only turning 40!  And what are you?  35!  Knock it off!”

“We’ve got a lot to plan in the next couple of weeks.  Lucy’s birthday is next and we’re doing that the same day as our Feast Day party.  Then your birthday and I’ve got that planned.  What do you want for your birthday?”

“I want my girls home.  I heard from Penny today.  She sent an email.  I’ll read it to you tomorrow.  Let’s go to bed.”

Your Thoughts?

So I have the next five-ish chapters either written or plotted out (yes, I am that nerdy).  Now I am at an impasse.

So things are moving around pretty clearly until Chapter 78.  At that point there is a pretty clear switch to a plot that revolves more around the twins than Mollie.  I want to give Mollie her full 40 chapters but I feel like things will get muddled.

Personally, I feel like Mollie’s story is coming to a close before Chapter 80.  I have almost 20 chapters of Penny’s life written.  I know where Olivia is going, too.  Things are slow for the story right now but I think that’s because I’m in Penny’s head now.

I want to know what my readers think:

  • Does Mollie’s story end when I feel her story has ended?
  • Do you want Mollie’s story to play out through those chapters?
  • Do you want the focus to switch to Generation 3  a bit early?
  • Is this story still interesting to you?
  • And does anyone else think Mollie wants to set Garrett on fire in this photo?


Ok…So things are about ready to get rolling with the new posts.

Here’s the updated To-Do List:

  • Remodel the office into Penny and Liv’s teen paradise (DONE!)
  • Remodel Baby Adam’s Room into Office (DONE!)
  • Age up Penny and Liv to YA. (DONE!)
  • Attend University (again)
  • Remodel Teen Penny’s room in to Child Adam’s room (DONE!)
  • Remodel Teen Liv’s room into Toddler Lucy’s room (DONE!)
  • Age Adam into a child
  • Mollie gives birth to Lucy (DONE!)
  • Rebuild Mollie’s Art Shop (this is going in a different direction because I don’t want to do that shit again)
  • Remodel Town (DONE!)
  • Have Mollie take all of the adorable in-game photos (DONE! and then some!)
  • Find Suttons (they randomly vanished during the restore)

I still have no idea what happened to the Suttons.  I will find them though.  Isaac might be a top police official but he cannot hide from me!

Also, I am super excited to share the new photos with you.  Mollie out did herself with the camera.  And thanks to the hard drive crash Penny also had some time to learn photography so there are some über cute in-game photos of Mollie, Garrett, and new baby Lucy.

I hope you are looking forward to the new posts as much as I am!  Soon…very soon.

Also: Toddler Bed.  OMG.

Ladies and Gentlemen…

We have a legacy!

So, after much ado and frustration, Eternally Yours is back in business.


The last time I backed up my save file was September so while I didn’t lose everything I still lost a lot of ground.  The good news is: Everything is back in working order.  The bad news: everything that has to happen prior to writing again.

It looks something like this:

  • Remodel the office into Penny and Liv’s teen paradise
  • Remodel Baby Adam’s Room into Office
  • Age up Penny and Liv to YA.
  • Attend University (again)
  • Remodel Teen Penny’s room in to Child Adam’s room (DONE!)
  • Remodel Teen Liv’s room into Toddler Lucy’s room
  • Age up Adam to child
  • Mollie gives birth to Lucy
  • Age up Lucy to Toddler
  • Age up Mollie to Adult
  • Rebuild Mollie’s Art Shop
  • Remodel Town (Done)
  • Remake Penny and Liv’s YA homes
  • Have Mollie take all of the adorable in game photos
  • Find Suttons (they randomly vanished during the restore)

Oh the joys of game restores.  I am hoping beyond hope that I can have it up and running by Sunday so I can resume the story with Penny’s Generation 3 some time next week.  In the meantime…some bits, bobs, and bloopers.

Adam didn’t know what to do on his birthday.  So he did this…

Oh, we adopted the spawn of Satan…that’s cool I guess.

Garrett and Adam…oh the feels.

Oh I love these boys!

This is hard…maybe I’ll just be a stripper…?

This was the moment when I questioned Penny’s ability to be heir…

Meet your Generation 3 husbands.  Synchronized bowling fail.

Mollie’s street art was found by Penny at University!



OK…Oliver’s wife NEVER removes her coat at parties…EVER.  I always have to force it.  I have given up.

Garrett tries out a new look.

Also, I don’t have a screenshot but I got the Woohooer mod installed right before the crash.  During Adam’s party, Oliver and Lanya decided to try it out for me.  They left the party expecting baby #4.

See you soon, friends!


So this weekend I had a great time in game.

  • Penny and Liv went off to University.
  • Adam aged up to child and had a huge party.
  • Mollie got some great shots of the kids with the new poses I downloaded for Pose Player.
  • I built houses for Penny and Liv.
  • Mollie prepared for Lucy’s birthday and her own.
  • Garrett sent Mollie off for a makeover and spa day.
  • I downloaded some new mods and updated my old ones.

Overall it was a super productive sim weekend.

Yesterday, my hard drive died.  Fortunately, I made a full game back up.  Unfortunately, I made it in September.  I also have an old copy of my hard drive so at least I only have to download 2 EPs, 1 SP, the new updates for games and mods, and my new store content.

It’s finals week and I have 3 exams and 2 papers due.  The downloading and reinstalling is going to kick my ass.  Also, I don’t know exactly where my save backups leave off.  I know the girls are still teens so I have to deal with aging them up.  They will have to repeat Uni and that’s not awful.

My main concern is Adam and Lucy.  Adam I can re-adopt and edit.  No biggie.  However, if Lucy isn’t there…well she might make a sad exit from the game.  With Mollie fading out I just don’t want to put 200% into repeating her past.

Also, there will be some continuity issues when it comes to the story.  People might not look 100% the same.  However, I know you will forgive some issues because my readers are awesome.

Sorry for the delay of game.  We will be back to our regularly scheduled updates sometime in mid December.

I hope to see you then!