Eternally Yours · Generation 3

Generation 3 Heir Announcement

And the winner is…

Penelope Lynette Hanks!

Age: Young Adult

Type: Witch

Traits: Athletic, Genius, Ambitious, Rebellious, Brave

Lifetime Wish: World Renown Surgeon

Current Occupation: University Student

Partner: None

4 thoughts on “Generation 3 Heir Announcement

  1. Fitting that I make this announcement today.

    It is my 105th post and WordPress just informed me it is my blog’s 1st birthday.

    It all started with the Sutton family. Happy birthday to them!

  2. A belated Happy Birthday to Eternally Yours! Great choice for an heir — a rebellious witch. Should be interesting! Jill from my baby challenge is on her 24th child, and I still haven’t rolled a single Rebellious trait. I’ve had ideas I’ve wanted to play out for a while now, but first I need a lucky roll. 🙂

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