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Thank You!

Dear Readers,

Chapter 72 marked the 100th post here on Eternally Yours.   As I prepare to finish out Mollie’s part in this saga and move on the the next generation I am filled with many emotions.  Gratitude for you, my readers, is at the top of my list.

This has been a very important project to me over the past year.  My personal blog, which  has been around since 2010, has fewer posts than this legacy.  Writing this story has sparked a creativity that was snuffed out years ago.  I just needed a boost to get the juices flowing again and now here we are nearly 80 chapters later.

My readers have stood by me through thick and thin.  You’ve dealt with my disappearances, my whining, my writer’s block.  You’ve helped me stand again after my surgeries, the death of my grandmother, and changing colleges and majors.  You’ve listened, you’ve cheered, and you’ve mourned with me.

Most of all you’ve been my friends.  For that I am forever grateful.

Please join me on a walk down memory lane as I take a moment to remember the Lox family and the Hanks family.

It’s a long walk but scrolling to the bottom is worth it!  The last picture is of the young adult Penny and Olivia.  Also if you leave your Sims 3 screen name and a link to your wishlist you will be gifted an item (up to 100 simpoints) from your wishlist.

And the big reveal…

So, there you have it.  The Lox-Hanks legacy through the years.  I appreciate you sticking around for this walk of remembrance.  There will be an official birthday post in the coming days.

Remember to leave your Sims 3 screen name and a link to your wishlist in the comments and you will receive a gift from your wishlist (up to 100 simpoints).

Thank you again for all your support and friendship.  I hope you will stick around for the next generation.



8 thoughts on “Thank You!

    1. OMG You are right about Olivia! I could not figure out who she looked like but she does look like Mollie! I think she also has some of Garrett’s mom Kia in her too but I’d have to go way, way back to find those photos!

      1. That’s possible. I think Penny is more of a blend of Mollie & Garrett. It just really hit me when I saw a picture of them as YA’s LOL.

        Thank you very much for the gift! Very sweet of you ❤

  1. teeeeeeeeeeeeeeeears. That memory lane stuff though. Gets me every time! Congrats on all the time and effort you’ve put into this, it really paid off, and I enjoy yours posts so much!

    I don’t really need a gift, stirring up my feelings are enough for today hehe

    1. Silly, Momo! You are one of my most loyal readers! If it weren’t for you and Queenie I would think that nobody reads this story! So you get a nifty gifty anyway. Thanks for sticking around for so long!

      1. haha aww well then I appreciate it, thank you! And nah, I doubt that. Oddly enough, some people are too shy to comment or like posts they read, doesn’t mean they don’t read it! I’m not sure why, but it happens!

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