Month: November 2013

Generation 3 Heir Announcement

And the winner is… Penelope Lynette Hanks! Age: Young Adult Type: Witch Traits: Athletic, Genius, Ambitious, Rebellious, Brave Lifetime Wish: World Renown Surgeon Current Occupation: University Student Partner: None

Chapter 2.34

Well, today was the big day.  The girls were graduating. I may have taken a sip or two from the juice keg we bought for the girls.  You know, just for fun. I took the girls’ young adult photos early.  I knew that they…

Chapter 2.33

I am not a fan of change.  I never have been.  This is probably why the girls’ birthday was so difficult for me. I have sometimes thought of running away from this life — being the catalyst of change instead of suffering through it….


So I was really pumping out chapters there for a while.  They have yet to be published.  I was holding off on them a bit because I knew things were going to get a bit crazy for me and I wanted to savor the…

Thank You!

Dear Readers, Chapter 72 marked the 100th post here on Eternally Yours.   As I prepare to finish out Mollie’s part in this saga and move on the the next generation I am filled with many emotions.  Gratitude for you, my readers, is at the top…

Chapter 2.32

The morning started like any other day. I enjoyed another “delicious” salad in hopes of getting rid of those baby pounds and Garrett ate whatever the hell he felt like eating.  Today it was corn dogs because he doesn’t want to get any tonight….


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