Eternally Yours

Jumping the Gun

So…even changing the rules did not help my simming slump.

The problem isn’t what I thought it was instead I’m stymied by the whole day-to-dayness of my sim’s lives.

I’ve had Generation 3 plotted out in my head for a while now…actually, since Penny and Liv were just toddlers.  I am really ready to age them up, name the heir and play on with the next set.

Except they still have some 18 days as teens.

So I’m jumping the gun.

They have maxed out quite a few skills and they have learned to drive.  They haven’t gone to prom yet, but prom sucks anyway so they don’t need to go.

Gen 2 will hang on until Chapter 80.  Liddy got a full 40 chapters and I still have some plot lines to work out for Mollie.  But seriously, if I keep at Gen 2 I am going to stab myself in the eyes and never play again.

I hope ya’ll don’t mind too much but next week Penny and Liv become young adults and head off to college!

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