Eternally Yours · Generation 2

Chapter 2.31

Our house was already full before Lucy came along.  We had maxed out the space and all the bedrooms were taken.

Luckily I still had some money from my photography business and Garrett was still getting royalties on his books.  It was time for some redecorating before I went crazy from cleaning!

We told the girls they would be moving into the office,  It was the biggest room in the house  that could accommodate two teens.  They were initially ticked off about having to give up their own spaces but when Garrett told them he would install a door from their room to the guest bathroom it was all better.  We even told them they could decorate their own space.

They called it “dorm chic.”  I called it “I can’t believe I let my teenage daughters become interior decorators.”  Also…Why are they thinking about college NOW?!  I’m not old enough for that yet!

We turned Adam’s old nursery into our office.  It wasn’t as spacious as our old one but it had enough room for everyone to still enjoy their hobbies.

We moved Adam into Penny’s old room.  It had the more masculine feel to the bathroom with its blue tub.  After some new wallpaper and new ceiling lamps it was the perfect place for our little man.

Last but not least we did Lucy’s room.  We kept the wallpaper the same and most of the decor, too.  We did have to get some new baby furniture.  We just weren’t expecting another girl…or boy for that matter!  We weren’t thinking new baby at all!

After the excitement of bringing Lucy home and remodeling the house, we quickly fell into our new routine.

Garrett loved being a new dad again.  Despite having to go to work early each morning he got up with Lucy every time she cried.  I offered to do it so he could rest but he wanted to do it.  He said since I have to deal with four kids all day while he is working makes up for his work at night.

Adam still wasn’t sleeping totally through the night.  Garrett would get up and snuggle Adam until he felt safe enough to fall back to sleep.

I always make sure the fridge is stocked with plenty of yummy midnight snacks for Garrett.  It seems only fair to have fresh-baked cookies around if he is going to work so hard for us.

Those cookies, however, seem to stick with me since Lucy came along.  I must be getting older.  Post-baby weight and cookies are staying with me much longer than they use to when I was younger.

I can say that getting older and wiser has its perks!  I am much better at this mothering thing this time.  Especially now that I have teenagers.  These little ones seem so much easier compared to twin teenage girls!

Lucy does this.  This is all she does.  She’s a bit boring if I do say so myself!

Adam is slightly more exciting…but not really.  He eats things.  He uses the potty chair.  Sometimes he says things.

No biggie.  What do my teenagers do?

They talk to their boyfriends at 3 in the morning making them too tired to get to the bus on time meaning I have to drive them to school while juggling two cranky younger children.

They plan ways to sneak out of the house and go to a concert we prohibited them from seeing.  Then they get caught by the cops and are dropped off at the door at midnight waking up two sleeping babies which keeps everyone up for hours.

They also make their own dinner and do their own homework without being asked.  Penny has received a huge scholarship to medical school and Liv has gotten a full ride scholarship to art school

I guess they aren’t that bad after all.

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