Eternally Yours · Generation 2

Chapter 2.27

Today is the day we meet our son!

Garrett and I were enjoying the last bits of quiet before a toddler starts roaming the house again.  We were both scared and excited.  It had been years since we had a toddler and let’s be honest, I wasn’t so good at it last time!

Liv was being really helpful.  She was of course also trying to make up for the fact that she was still failing some classes because of her time in the pool halls.

Penny was still nervous about this whole new brother thing.  Despite the tough girl vibe she tries to give off she is very fragile.  She spent most of her morning practicing her potions in the attic.

I cooked all morning.  I didn’t know what this little one was going to eat so I made everything I knew how to make.

And of course cookies.  If there is one thing that makes the house smell like a home it’s cookies.  And what toddler doesn’t love cookies?

I was in the middle of making a third batch of grilled cheese when Garrett called me into the living room.

“Do you see what I just hung from the ceiling?”

“Lay one on me baby!”

“Garrett!  I have so much work to do!  Nanette will be here any time now and–”

Just then the doorbell rang and I knew that our lives were about to change forever.

“Hello?  Mollie and Garrett Hanks…I’d like to introduce you to your son, Adam.  I’ll leave you three to get acquainted.  Call me if you ever need anything.”

She put down the carrier and I went over to pick up my son.

“Hi, Adam.  My beautiful baby boy.”

I didn’t even know what  say or do.  He was so incredible.  When he looked at me for the first time I was instantly in love with my son.

“We have a son, Garrett.  We have a son!”

“He’s perfect, babe.  We have the most beautiful children.”

“Garrett!  We don’t even have a crib!  We’ve got so much to do.  And I haven’t even wrapped the girls Christmas gifts yet!”

“Super Daddy will take it from here!  You get their stuff ready and The Champ and I will head to the store for Little Man supplies!”

“You wanna come to the store with Daddy, Adam?”


“That’s right, Adam.  I’m your Daddy.  I will always be your Daddy.  I won’t leave you.”

Seeing Adam so excited about his Daddy melted my heart.  Seeing Garrett get teary-eyed over having a son caused me to cry a bit too.

We didn’t have much time to get weepy.  There was so much to do!

Garrett headed off to the store for nursery gear and I finished the preparations for the Snowflake Day party tomorrow.

It was hours before I saw Garrett and Adam again.  I was starting to think they got lost in the snow storm.

Apparently it just took them a while to get everything loaded into the car.  Oh, well.  We won’t see another toddler until we are grandparents so we might as well enjoy it while we can.

8 thoughts on “Chapter 2.27

    1. Thank you! I loved writing this chapter! I know all the sims have the same look when picking up and snuggling toddlers but holy crap! It meant so much more to see it on Mollie and Garrett!

    1. I know! He looks so much like Garrett which wasn’t even planned. The social worker dropped off this kid that looked just like Garrett and I only changed his clothes!

      You’d never know that he wasn’t their natural born kid!

  1. Some priceless moments here — the look on Garret’s face as he pointed out the mistletoe and Adam saying, “Daddy.” Adam is simply adorable and, as others said, he suits your family beautifully. 😀

  2. Such a lovely baby! He truly looks like he wasn’t adopted at all, you’re lucky 😉
    Is his skin tone similar to Penny’s? It’s hard to tell frome the screenshots, somewhere it looks violet or even light gray… Beautiful chapter.

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