Eternally Yours · Generation 2

Chapter 2.25

Garrett and I had decided to continue with the adoption process since Snowflake Day was upon us and I wasn’t pregnant yet.

Coincidentally my mother arrived to deliver my prankster daughter to me just as I was finishing up the phone call with Nanette, our social worker.

“Honey, do you really know what your daughters are up to these days?”

“Of course I do!  I’d be a terrible mother if I didn’t know what was going on with them!  They leave for school, attend their activities four days a week and then they either visit with friends or come home and study.  Geez…what do you think I am?!”

“Sweetheart, I don’t think you are a bad mother.  However, your daughters are pulling one over on you.  Olivia is carrying a D average in school…because she’s not going.”

“Well, where the hell is she going, mother, since you know so much.”

“Ask her to join you in a game of pool.  She’s become quite the hustler down at the local bar.”

“Oh my GOD.  Are you serious!?  How do you know?”

“Our daughters attend the same school.  Colleen mentioned that Liv wasn’t attending classes.  I found her in the bar one day when I went in to discuss hosting a party there.”

“She is so DEAD!”

“Don’t worry, Mollie.  I survived you.  You will survive her.”

After Liv and Penny returned from school that afternoon I acted like everything was normal.  I waited in the living room for Garrett to get home.  He and I had some MAJOR thinking to do.

“Liv hasn’t been going to school.  In fact, she’s the best hustler Mick’s Master Karaoke has ever seen.”

“Really…wow, good for her.  She can use that to pay for college.”


“How is the adoption agency ever going to think we are fit parents if our daughter flunks out of high school and hustles men at the pool hall?  We are so screwed.”

Neither one of us spoke for awhile.  There really wasn’t anything to say.

“Honey, let me handle it.  I’ll tutor her until we can get her grades up to par.  I’m not going to let her fail and I’m not going to let us lose our adoption.”

“Are you sure you can handle it?”

“Yes, and if I can’t then we’ll pass her off to your father.  He is superintendent of schools you know.  He’ll knock some A’s into her!”

I felt better after our talk.  We only had a moment of peace before we had to conquer Olivia.

“Well, I started the year out going to school…but you know, it was dumb.  I don’t want to be an astronaut or doctor like Penny does.  I just want to paint and play music.  No school needed.  Instead I thought money would be useful.”

Once Garrett told her how disappointed he was Olivia finally lost her bravado.  It didn’t matter that I was angry, but that her Daddy was disappointed.

She really buckled down that night.  I know she’s a good kid.  She’s definately not the sweet little kid I once knew her to be, though.  Now she’s a young woman with strong opinions and blurry ideas on how the world works.  I hope she figures things out before too long.

So, I have one daughter who is on track to be a juvenile delinquent with her pranks and one daughter who is trying to flunk out of high school.

I’m going to go email the social worker and see if she has any leads on our adoption.

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