Eternally Yours · Generation 2

Chapter 2.24

So I have teenagers now.  If I didn’t know they were different before I certainly do now!

After mastering the piano, Liv has taken to the violin.  We bought her a custom one for music club.  She also participates in art club…surprise, surprise I know.

Penny is really enjoying the fact that she is a witch.  In fact, she loves it so much she has taken to turning the neighbors into frogs.  Yes, they do love having us for neighbors.

Penny has also tried casting a Love Charm on her father and I in hopes that I will get pregnant.  You know, because she thinks that we don’t get busy enough  She thinks parents don’t do that kind of think since we are just too old…Ha!  If only she knew!

Speaking of love…the girls are also learning about romance.  I haven’t seen them around the house much these days because when they aren’t at school, the girls are either enjoying after school activities or spending time with potential boyfriends.  Unfortunately it isn’t going so well for Liv.

“I really like you, Mike!”

“Well, don’t you like me, too?”

“WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU DOING, LIV?  Jesus!  We only started dating yesterday.  I think we should take a break!”

“Already?  Why?”

Penny, on the other hand, has a steady boyfriend.  Scott Patterson is a nice boy who moved in down the street.

Well, except that she found out he was cheating on her…with Auntie Colleen.

“I’ll show her she shouldn’t steal my boyfriend!  MOOOOOM!  I’m going to Scott’s house!”

Penny makes good decisions.  You know, the kind of good decisions that result in family feuds that last years.

Speaking of Penny’s good decisions…after she finished making a scene at Scott’s house she went and egged Colleen’s house.  This was Penny’s best decision of the day.  She didn’t take into account that Colleen’s mother is also her grandmother…and my mother.

“PENELOPE HANKS!  What in God’s name are you doing?”

“Um…you know…egg delivery?  Didn’t you…order some from the store…or something?”

“You go home.  Once I get Holly bathed and dressed I’ll be over to speak with your mother.”

“Grammy Liddy!  NOOO!”

So, thanks to my teenage daughter I’m going to get yelled at by my mother.

The fun never stops.

6 thoughts on “Chapter 2.24


      It’s even better because I keep breaking it off with Colleen but Story Progression is DEAD SET on Colleen and Scott being together.

      Just wait until Snowflake Day.

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